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Donations of old computer and electronic equipment
to local and foreign needy causes
new stay at home momlaptopDonate
Individual with intellectual disabilityDesktop computerDonate
Chairman of Sponsoring Committee4 laptops and 1 tower with monitorDonate
volunteerat least 1 laptop computer (PC)Donate
Immigrant Youth and Young Adult Program - helping newcomer youth ages 15-25 to overcome barriers to employment and education.computersDonate
Community Outreachcomputer/laptopsDonate
BC Head Organizer2 Desktops one laptopDonate
Computers, laptopDonate
founder/president2 laptops and 2 desh topsDonate
AIDS Service OrganizationLCD monitors & CPUs - quantity 4Donate
AIDS Service Organization providing direct services to people living with HIV, the provinces largest Needle Exchange Program and we wrok on a daily basis to address our communities needs through the Determianats of Health -- advocating for the most margenilized in our socities such as the poor, homeless, addicted, etc.2 Computers (including monitors), 2 laptops, digital cameraDonate
Aish Network of Alberta Societycomputers, laptops, printers, scanners, softwareDonate
Daycare5 computers and 2 laptopsDonate
We ship humanitarian aid to developing countries10 computers, 5 laptopsDonate
We ship humanitarian aid worldwide20+Donate
Occupational TherapistComputer, screen, keyboard/mouse, and printer and modem if possibleDonate
Non profit2 Laptops, 1 scannerDonate
Alberta Works1 low end laptopDonate
Help youth in Alberta by providing computers to charities and non profit organizations that need them.200 Computers, Monitors, Laptops, Servers, Printers, Fax MachinesDonate
PC Computer Parts i.e. Hard Drives> 100 GB, 4 pcs.,Memmory chips SDRam 168 pin, 100/133 MHz > 500 MB, 6 pcs; DDR 266/333/400 MHz., 1 GB and over 12 pcs Donate
PresidentTwo Apple desktop computers no shorter than G4 preferably G5 PowerMac Donate
Ambience Entertainment Institute3-10 low end laptops - with mice and a printerDonate
Provider of donated food to residents through the Salvation Army of North Vancouver10 computers/printersDonate
Individual development and building the creative community2 Laptops (Low End Okay)Donate
Chairman3 low end desk topsDonate
Program Manager2 PC computersDonate
Atira Women's Resources - resident at Elspeth (Maggies Housing for Elder Women)low end laptopDonate
Atira Women's Resources - resident at Elspeth (Maggies Housing for Elder Women)low end laptopDonate
Aunt Leah's Independent Lifeskills Society is dedicated to assisting youth and families in learning the necessary lifeskills for successful independent living.laptops, new computers, a scanner, a drawing tablet, printers.Donate
HR and OperationsComputersDonate
Advocay & Support programDonate
Provides advocacy, professional development and marketing services for 80+ magazines published in British Columbia1 or 2 iMacs and/or a Mac mini with serverDonate
Development Assistant2 low-end laptopsDonate
computer tech10 p4 computer systems 5 laptops p4 10 gigabytes of extra ddr ram 10 gigabytes of pc133 ram.Donate
Youth Development Centremac or pc; laptop or desktopDonate
BFO-Toronto is a volunteer-based, bereavement support organization that offers programs and services, based on the mutual support model to individuals, families, groups and communities throughout TorontoComputersDonate
Dayhome Provider2 units desktop computers with 1 printerDonate
Community Development Officer8-16 computers.Donate
Bissell Centre - Housing FirstBasic LaptopDonate
Follow up Support WorkerDesktop or laptop depending on availability but laptop would be more practical for participant Donate
Bissell Centrebasic laptopDonate
Executive Director3 desktop computers and monitors or laptopsDonate
Inner City AgencyComputersDonate
Boys and Girls Club of Edson1 desktop, 1 laptopDonate
Executive Directorlaptop, projector, copier, laminatorDonate
Breast Cancer Action4 laptops.Donate
Treasurer Donate
Will be used in emergency reception centres located at community centres for communications to other sites by amateur radio operatorsCisco routers 2621 and/or 3600Donate
We provide a safe and caring environment for those men and women suffering from the impact of alcohol and other drug dependencies.We operate a shelter, detox and outreach program providing hopepcu,monitor,printer 2Donate
In-School Settlement Worker2 computers and a laptopDonate
Calgary Chinese Community Service AssociSEVEN - LAPTOP. SEVEN - PDA devices. TWO Desktop computers. SEVEN - 17inch LCD monitors. ONE server.Donate
Gallery Administratorprinter, photocopier, office chairsDonate
Homeless ShelterComplete computers and laptopsDonate
Program CoordinatorComputers/LaptopsDonate
Calgary Immigrant Women’s AssociationDonate
Calgary International Film Festival2 low end laptops 2 high end desktopsDonate
Help people with Tourette SyndromeLaptop - 1.5 GhZ, 80 GB Drive, DVD playerDonate
Presidentcomputer workstationsDonate
Calgary Women's Emergency Shelter2 laptopsDonate
5 laptops: For outreach workers who travel around the province. 5 desktops: For our members who live in supported housing.5 Computer Systems 5 LaptopsDonate
Request for Computers/parts1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor, 1 gigabyte (GB) RAM, 50 GB hard disk space, DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driverDonate
8 computers (desktop or laptop)Donate
Social Business Development3 Laptop computersDonate
To conduct daily adminstrative duties.scanner; 2 laser printerDonate
the effeciency of work space1 flat screen monitorDonate
Youth Transition FacilitatorLaptopDonate
Ten LaptopsDonate
Non Profitprojectors, laptopsDonate
Canadian Paraplegic Association (Alberta)6 laptops1 desk topDonate
Canadian Red Cross is a charity that helps people in Canada and across the world, The main purpose is to have more equipment to assist in Emergency.3 Desktops, 8 LaptopsDonate
Education Committee secretary8 laptops, 1 desktopDonate
Canadian Rep TheatreOne Desktop ComputerDonate
Mrs.desktop pc/monitor, color printer/scanner/fax/copier, accessories (mouse, keyboard), office phoneDonate
School coordinatorDonate
Calgary's largest public care provider1 laptopDonate
Adult Day Care3 computersDonate
Governing board membercomputers and accessories, wireless mouses, commercial laser printers, all for computer lab and laptops for classroomsDonate
Donation Request for a LaptopLaptop computerDonate
Bridging to EmploymentNew or refurbished Lap topDonate
computer applicationlaptop computer Donate
Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse1 laptop - with webcam, usb port, dvd driveDonate
Provides settlement support to immigrantsI computer systemDonate
The Centre for Epilepsy and Seizure Education British Columbia is a non-profit agency that began in 1999. We provide support for people with epilepsy and address the call for increased awareness and public education about epilepsy. A well-informed public does not fall prey to old myths and misunderstandings which stubbornly persist and contribute to social isolation and stigmatization. We are a member of the Canadian Epilepsy Alliance, a nation-wide network of collaborative agencies that supply non-medical support for people with epilepsy. There is no charge for our services but donations are gratefully accepted.One PC with monitor and keyboard One Laptop with mouseDonate
International Indigenous Performing Arts SchoolSeven New ComputersDonate
Cerebral Palsy Association in Alberta5 desktopsDonate
Executive Director of The Cerebral Palsy Association of BCPC desktop and computers (low or high end).Donate
Volunteer organizer3 functioning lap top computersDonate
Program CoordinatorDonate
Caseworker1 LaptopDonate
Community Outreach2 computers and 1 laptopDonate
1 small tower server, 2 desktop systems, 4 laptopsDonate
Senior PastorDesktop Computers and LaptopsDonate
4 Computers4 ComputersDonate
Parks, forestry and recreation centerpersonal computers or computer partsDonate
non-profit art gallery/art education/community centreLaptop, multifunction printer/copier/scanner/faxDonate
Scanner RequiredScannerDonate
Directorcomputers, monitors, printers, digital cameras, speakers, webcams, microphones,Donate
Communications Portfolio - Board Membera laptopDonate
Youth Program Coordinator1 LaptopDonate
Program Coordinatorone high-end laptopDonate
Moving Forward instructorcomputersDonate
CORE - Clients Ongoing Rehabilitation Equality Association6 laptops or desktops, whatever is availableDonate
Executive DirectorServer with reduntant raid array fairly resent.Donate
2 laptopsDonate
E Dlap top, computerDonate
Our mission is enhancing Mexican talent in Canada through areas such as education, employment training and dissemination of our culture10 ComputersDonate
CEOComputers and printersDonate
day homePC OR Desk top and a printerDonate
Day home and a mother of three childrentwo computer and one printerDonate
Technical Director14 computers with xp and 2 serversDonate
Needy Teachers in Remote parts of Ghana10 laptopsDonate
Family Violence Prevention Society2 laptopsDonate
Discovery HouseDonate
Mission: To maximize the ability of people with Down syndrome to lead independent lives and participate in the communities in which they liveNewer used computers, mainly the cpu's as we have extra keyboards and monitors (very old). Many of our computers are 5+ years old and being held together as best we can, but are not reliable or efficiDonate
helps homeless and at risk of homelessnes and people living in poverty through sport and wellness programs.2 laptopsDonate
Publication of work done by studentsDonate
Volontary Firefigters Association6 fully equiped desktop computers(monitor, mouse, keyboard), 2 laptopsDonate
Program ManagerlaptopsDonate
EBIRS The Edmonton Brain Injury Relearning Society (EBIRS), a registered charitable organization, was established in the early 1990s in response to the need for brain injury rehabilitation services20 Computers, 20 Monitors, keyboards, mice, power cords.Donate
Treasurerlaptop computer, handheld barcode scannerDonate
Edo Friends of British Columbia is a registered non profit organization with both the governments of Canada (Charity Reg. # 870355922RR0001) and British Columbia (Society # S-39923) that provides education, counseling, settlement, integration and support services for immigrants and refugees.5 Laptop Computers and 1 PrinterDonate
Client of Elizabeth Fry Society of Edmontondesk top computer with monitor and key board or laptopDonate
Executive DirectorcomputersDonate
Electronic Recycling Association of Albertacomputers, laptops, servers, Cisco RoutersDonate
Complex REgigonal Pain Syndromelaptop, toner cartridgeDonate
Expressionz Café – The School of Life is a Not-for-Profit Centre for the Arts and Well-Being; an intimate place where people come together to network, and to share their creative ideas and expressions in an inspiring, friendly and relaxed environment that promotes originality, wellness and harmony.2 desktop computers and one laptop computer with windows 7 operating system. If laptop not available then a third desktop computerDonate
Family Services of Central Alberta4 desktop, 3 laptopsDonate
Non Profit Agency Supporting Families in AlbertaComputer & PrinterDonate
Fund Development Coordinator4 X PC High-End Desktop computers OR 4X High End Laptops (whichever comes in first) Donate
First Baptist Church - Edmonton1x Business Grade Laptop1x 48 Port GbE Switch1x Mac Mini / Small Form Factor PCDonate
Administrative and Communications Coordinator4 PCs with monitorsDonate
Chair, Sudanese Committee1 laptop, 5 desktop computers, 6 desktop printersDonate
to assist innmates with learning key board skills in the school program. To leave the centre with a computer generated resume. This request originated with the school teacher and chaplain.6 computers with small floppy drives and CD drive, they will never be connected to the internet. CD drive needed to load programs and floppy disc so they can keep a copy for themselves.Donate
Director of FinanceFairly recent windows desktop PCsDonate
High End Computer (may be able to use less depending on specs for POS)Donate
Further Education Society1 laptop and 3 desktopsDonate
Environmental EducatorDigital camera, video cameraDonate
Settlement ManagerComputersDonate
International Community Development2 laptopsDonate
affordable used bikes, bicycle repair shop, maintenance education, and community ressources centreComputer tower for desktop stationDonate
General Manager2 computers for general office use (1 could be a laptop)Donate
senior housing2 laptopsDonate
Executive DirectorlaptopDonate
Desheritated youthused working computersDonate
Hearts & Hands Foundation4-6 laptopsDonate
Program Director25 - 30 Donate
Affordable Housing8 ComputersDonate
Executive Director2 laptop computers with microsoft/windows programsDonate
Community Orchestra2 laptop computersDonate
complete set of computersDonate
Technical Coordinator and Community OrganizerComputers, Monitors, Mice, Keyboards, network hardware if possible such as routers and switchesDonate
Career & Employment ConsultantComputersDonate
Family Centre for Inner Communities1 laptopDonate
InterChange is a growing, united, and diverse community of community-based peacebuilders around the world who: build relationships; share knowledge, skills and experiences; collaborate on educational and research projects; and support one another with the aim of nurturing and developing dynamic, durable and positive peace. This network is presently concentrated in Canada, Croatia, and East Africa.2-3 laptopsDonate
Laptops for Philippines and MexicoPreferably IBM laptops but will take any laptops. We are in need of about 20. We can also use powerbars, external harddrives, small projector, modem (both wirelss and non). But main items would be lapDonate
Computer in needbasic compuersDonate
‘’A farming, craft and life skills community for adults with developmental disabilities,3 computersDonate
adaptive mouse, roller mouse, adaptive keyboardsDonate
Owner10 low-end laptop computersDonate
Looking for servers to be used to store our Public Website and an number of Internal Websites used only by the Food Bank. We want to use Ubuntu Linux (Server Install), running Apache, PHP, MySqlServerDonate
deputy wardenDonate
Executive Director2 computer sets, 1 printerDonate
Founder of a school in Africa15Donate
Executive Director3 computers (prefer Apple but can use PCs just as easilyDonate
Executive DirectorlaptopDonate
Kids Cancer Care Foundation5 laptopsDonate
Child Development Assistant4 CPUs and monitorsDonate
We are a community based non-profit society focusing on the early years. Our programs serve the needs of children, parents and caregivers through education, support and childcare centres.computersDonate
Lansdowne Child Care and Family Centre5 laptops, with bagsDonate
Learning Disabilities Association of Peel8-10 laptopsDonate
Executive DirectorMAC laptops and MAC DesktopsDonate
General Manager2 desltop computers with monitorsDonate
DirectorDigital Scanner for scanning booksDonate
DaycareAny kink of LCD monitorDonate
Livingroom Drop In Centre mental health day facility10 computersDonate
Mental Health Drop-In CentreDesktop computers and associated accessoriesDonate
TeacherOne monitor, one keyboard, one hard drive and one mouse.Donate
Program Coordintor2 laptop computersDonate
Project Lead / DirectorComputersDonate
Coordinatorsix computersDonate
social service agency2 laptopsDonate
Non profit Charitable Organization5 computers - 2 desk tops, 2 lap topsDonate
Student AdvisorDonate
Board MemberComputers, laptops, photo and video equipmentDonate
We need Computers(Desktop and LapTops)Desktop,Laptop,Projector.Donate
Mountain of Fire & Miracles Ministries - Church Donationphotocopier and 2 computers (Monitor, Keyboard and mouse)Donate
First NationInternet capable computer c/w 17Donate
MPA Society has a Drop-In Center for people with mental health issues4 Computers, Monitors not requiredDonate
Mental Health Advocacy3 computers and monitorsDonate
Single Mothers10 computers P4 or betterDonate
Resident/Client In-House Computer Lab Expansion10 Computers: 2.0 GHZ CPU, 512MB RAM, 40GB HDDonate
The International Alliance for Youth Sports (IAYS) was established in 2003 by National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) founder Fred Engh, and both organizations10 Laptops, 10 Digital CamerasDonate
Administrative Assistant1-8 laptopsDonate
Aim is to creat 10 computer laboratories in schools with abouve 1000 students and 10 community centers for women and youths.200 computers, printersDonate
Computer monitors, computer tower, laptops, printer/scanner/photocopier, software (Microsoft and Norton)Donate
Partnership Co-ordinatorColour printer, laptop, computersDonate
We promote the health and well being of community members.2 computers and 2 monitorsDonate
AccountantDesktop and laptop computers with dual-core Intel processors and flat-screen monitorsDonate
Non-profit charity that has been in existence since 1900 owns and operates the Eva Brook Donly Museum and Norfolk Archivesmicrofilm reader-printer; 2 laptops; 1 large flatbed scanner (and software) capable of scanning large framed items; data projectorDonate
Manager of Social Enterprises3 desktop computers with monitors, keyboards and mouse plus 1 laptopDonate
Laptops or small desktop (slim), monitor not requiredDonate
Executive DirectorLaptops, laser printers, networking switch box (16 port or two 8 port), router, tabletsDonate
Coordinator of Seniors Drop-in CenteHARD DRIVE AND MONITORDonate
Computer Libraryfour (4) complete desktop units (keyboards and monitors, too, if possible)Donate
Executive Director - FounderTwo ComputersDonate
Drug and Alcohol recovery programLaptopsDonate
Parenting group2 plain-paper (not curcly paper) fax machines with a bit of ink leftDonate
We have field staff who are required to make presentations and be in contact with the Regional Office. Laptops would facilitate the ability to travel with all materials, powerpoint and email access3 laptopsDonate
Youth and Family ServicecomputersDonate
UMAYC Program Co-ordinator2-3 desk top computersDonate
PresidentPC & flat panel monitorDonate
PrincipalLCD MonitorsDonate
Comouter skills training in rural Costa RicaLaptopsDonate
140 Units of supported housing providing housing, support and community-based programming for street youth and adults2 computer hard drives and monitors, 2 mice, 2 sets of computer speakers, basic software.Donate
Rain City HousingCPU, keyboard, monitor, mouseDonate
Executive Director7 low-end laptops. 2 for use in Canada office by volunteers and staff, 5 for use in Uganda to be used by staff (to replace ancient equipment they are currently using)Donate
Executive DirectorComputers, Laptops, Printers, Scanners, Memory Cards, Digital CamerasDonate
We help and assist individuals who have multiple barriers and/or are applying for disability, who are classed as unemployable at this time, to integrate themselves into society.3 LaptopsDonate
Volunteer Worker3 laptop computersDonate
We are in need of a computer(s) as our main computer is 8 years old and we are at the point where our 10 GB hard drive is full. This computer is used for all the day to day operations of the Community1 computer would be wonderful but 2 would be excellentDonate
Founder / Executive DirectorLaptops, computers, printers,scanners,pen drives,Donate
Community Farm with production for food bank and community mealscomputer or laptopDonate
Treasurer, Membersip Co-irdinatorlaptopDonate
Student AdvisorComputerDonate
Donation of older computersCPU, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Speakers and vid cam if can be provided.Donate
Salvation Army - Victoria Addictions and Rehab Centre1 low end laptopDonate
Saskatchewan Aviation Historical Society2 desktopsDonate
Lap topsDonate
Director, Computer OperationsServers under five years oldDonate
Financial literacy program run by MRC for Servant Anonymous Calgaryused desk and/or lap topsDonate
Our objective is to fight unemployment and poverty in Cameroon through giving our students computer skills that they need to get employed. We do training on business and office technology, computerizeComputer Sets, Printers, Computer monitor lens, etcDonate
DirectorWorking Desktops, monitors, and laptopsDonate
Family Centre3 computers preferably at least one laptopDonate
We are volunteer-based grief and bereavement support organization that offers programs and services to individuals and families throughout the Shuswap3 desktop computers 1 multifunction office laser printer (print; copy; scan; fax) 3 computer speakers Donate
Sierra Club of BC Foundation is a registered charitable organization (#11914 9797 RR0001) which exists to protect and conserve our natural environment through research, science and education.laptops 512 Gb; new server -processor: Quad core, in the 3Ghz rangeDonate
Director of Fund DevelopmentDonate
1 monitor, 2 laptops and any other office equipmentsDonate
Literacy and Learning Site at the Slave Lake Friendship Centre2 computers, 1 laptopDonate
laptops, notebooks, computers, monitors, routers, projectors and others can helpDonate
CEO2 laptops and 4 desktopDonate
Intake Worker/Residential Counsellorlaptop or notebookDonate
AdministratorPhotocopier, computer, Label machine as we send out 2300 registration forms per year, Fax machine, Desk and chair, File cabinetDonate
Executive DirectorHigh end lap top (if possible)or low end laptopDonate
Southwest Community Resource Centrel low laptop, 1 low end desktop, full systemDonate
IT/Office Systems CoordinatorLaptop IDE Hard-Drive (any size) for use in a otherwise working laptopDonate
Executive Directorongoing upgradesDonate
DirectorFull desktop set.Donate
Serving Burnaby and lower mainland youth for 40 years working with children, youth and their families , to find solutions, address challenges and achieve successful outcomes4 Computers to support youth on youth aggrementsDonate
Burnaby Branch ManagerA laptop with an HDMI hook up.Donate
StepStones for Youth2 Desktop computers (no screens needed) with Intel Processing systemDonate
Executive DirectorlaptopDonate
Coordinator2 laptops, 3 computers, 3 flat screen monitors, multimedia projector, server, softwareDonate
desk top computer with internet capabilities plus printer if possiblecomplete desktop computer with printer if possibleDonate
Taber Child Care Centre Society2 desktop computers - full systemsDonate
non profit charity providing technology to non profits and low income persons6 laptop computers, with wireless cards, and a wireless routerDonate
DirectorComputer,Printer,Copy MachineDonate
to telecast the word of our Lord world wide.Studio Cameras, Switcher, Audio Board, TBC Time Base Corrector,Donate
Special Needs TeacherLow-end laptop or iPadsDonate
Youth Outreach Specialist14 laptopsDonate
In keeping with the legacy of the Lost Boys of Sudan, The American Care and Education for Sudan was founded when Sudanese live in poorest rural areas or impoverished villages in Southern Sudan3 computers: two laptops and one flat computerDonate
Rehabilitation Assistant6 laptops and 1 projectorDonate
National Public FoundationLaptop PC with Microsoft Software, Virus Protection, and Windows 7Donate
Fund DevelopmentLaptop computersDonate
The Lacombe Action Group is a registered non-profit organization that supports children and adults with disabilities. Our Mission statement is to make difference in our communities by providing educationprojector, laptop, 5 computers, overhead projectorDonate
Executive Director10 low end laptops, 1 printerDonate
Facilities Coordinator1 laptop and 1 DesktopDonate
Community Art Gallery16 PC towers.Donate
LaptopLaptop with DVD playerDonate
Deborah's Gate5 laptopsDonate
a not-for-profit located in Calgary, Albertamonitor, 5 laptops, multi-document scannerDonate
Publishing InternApple/Mac hardware: ideally, iMacs desktops or laptops, and/or monitors for staff of 25Donate
To provide educational programming for our special needs students. We teach the students to actively use technology to make adaptations to their specific needs.Computers, laptopsDonate
Community Worker10 laptops, 2 printersDonate
Umbrella is a new co-op. We are in the planning stage and not currently offering many services. The Umbrella’s goal is to offer medical, dental, nutritional, counselling, complementary and preventative health services. All of these services are accessible to a variety of languages and cultures through Cross-Cultural Health Brokers who provide health promotion, language and cultural facilitation.One PC (desktop including monitor)Donate
Union Gospel MissionLow-End LaptopDonate
Clinical DirectorDonate
We have been making beautiful music since 1984. Founded by Bruce Pullan, former Artistic Director of the Vancouver Bach Choir, the Vancouver Bach Children’s Chorus was created as special project of the Bach Choir to provide a high-quality choral opportunity for children, with a strong emphasis on vocal pedagogy and music education. Over the years the organization has thrived and expanded, adding many more levels of choirs and rehearsal locations. Over the VBCC’s 28 year history, we have also recorded several CDs and toured extensively through Europe and North America.One low-end desktop for administrative use.Donate
Non profit affordable independent schoolDonate
Arts focussed Project based learning School K - 12Notebooks,Network Switches and routersDonate
Environmental Restoration and Educationlaptops, flat screen moitors, desktop, hard drives for storage, tablets, software, large flat screen for presentation and online meetingDonate
Donet for ferugees at SriLankacmputersDonate
StudentComputers, Computer Parts, Computer Cases/Power Supplies, Monitors, Router, Keyboards, Mice, Cables, Art Tablets, Speakers,Donate
request for computersComputers 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor 1 GB of system memory (RAM);40 GB hard drive; 128 MB Graphics Memory (Video Card)Donate
Desktops / laptops for Resource center with WE CAREDesktops,laptops and projecting devicesDonate
West Coast Domestic Workers' Association (WCDWA) is a non-profit association that provides free legal assistance and support in the form of advocacy and counselling about issues related to caregivingComputers, Laptops, PrintersDonate
Social services/human rightsLCD flat monitors and laptopDonate
Camp Moomba supports Canadian children impacted with HIV/AIDS through a summer camp program and annual programs. We need 3 computers and 3 phones for use in our office.3 computers systems (including monitor, CPU, keyboard and mouse) and 3 telephonesDonate
Animal ShelterlaptopDonate
Macikova3 low-end PC's 2 low-end LaptopsDonate
Wildlife rescue and rehabilitationTelevision, 32-42" Tablet, iPad preffered, but any tablet will doDonate
Wings of Courage Orphan Outreach Societyat least one (more preferably 2 laptops)Donate
nature and environmental youth programs3 computers, specs above. wide screen monitor x 2Donate
Executive DirectorRough service style laptops for backcountry useDonate
Executive Director / Founder100 Reused ComputersDonate
Program Coordinator1 to 3 laptopsDonate
President of the Board10 Computers. Laptops are ideal but we will take desktop computers.Donate
Case ManagerA lap topDonate
Youth Advocate & after school drop in program coordinator2 computers. including keyboards, mice, monitors and a printerDonate
20 Computers of Pentium 4 level preferably loaded with Window XP, 22 Flat panel 17" monitors, keyboards, cables to match, an apartment size fridge.Donate
Case Managerlaptop with dvd player included, 128 megabyte RAM if possible, 2 gigahertz (speed) or more if possible, as much gigabyte memory as possibleDonate
Suggest a Charity.
Thank you for visiting the donations section of our website.

If your organization is interested in donating old used equipment we can find suitable groups and organizations that can use the help, and at the same time minimize any costs associated with electronic waste disposal and surplus IT equipment management.

Our programs consist of various non profit organizations, community centers, daycares, learning institutions, 3rd world countries, and others.

You can choose a charity or group to donate to, or we can put your donation into pre existing programs. Click here to have your equipment picked up for donation.

ERA also works with Alberta Promise.

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ERA has donated computers to the following organizations and continues to donate to them as they need computers. Any charities that want computers can request them through our website. Any organizations that want to be featured on our website can email us their descriptions.


Kerby Center : A place for people ages 60+

The-Cave, Alberta Youth Outreach program : A youth centre, helping youth find themselves.

Filipino Society for Growth (Edmonton)

Montessori Children's House Academy

Dover Community Centre

Children's Choice Community Child Care Services

Pastor Johnson Charles Gateway International Church

The Way Christian Mission Group

Shining Wonders Pre-School

Ukrainian Mission Canada

Prince of Faith Church

Calgary Worship Centre

North Central CRC


Airdrie Food Bank

Renfrew 50+ Club

Thornview Seniors

Hospice Calgary

Development Disabilities Resource Centre

Chinese Community Association

Calgary Dream Centre - for a library for men that live there

Bethany Care Society - one of Western Canada's largest voluntary not-for-profit providers of health, housing and community support for seniors and persons with disabilities. Their care programs include adult day support, respite care, residential care, designated supportive living, long term care, multi-stage dementia care, and programs directed at specific cultural groups. Not only does the Bethany Care society provide vital services to senior and person's with disabilities, they also act as advocates to help increase the profile of seniors and persons with disabilities in Alberta and raise issues that affect their lives.

Smiles and Giggles Daycare - SE Calgary based daycare. Once again the ERA finds a small daycare in a low income community of Calgary, Alberta. This daycare received some computers from ERA for use by the kids attending, to play and learn.

Churchill Park Family Care Society - non-profit organization operating several day care facilities in Calgary. This organization is one of the favorites types of groups that ERA likes to work with. This non profit group helps kids learn. The computers donated to their 7 daycares, will go a long ways in ensuring many children attending the care centers will have access to computers to learn on, as well play games, and draw. Their families will also have access to these computers.

The Friends of Banff National Park - non-profit, charitable organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of Banff National Park. The Friends of Banff National Park conduct innovative educational programs designed to engage park visitors and Banff residents in the natural environment, including the wildlife and habitat unique to the area. Using a blend of interpretation, theatre, guided walks and edu-kits, educational programs promote a deeper sense of appreciation and responsibility in preserving the ecology of the park.

Canadian Red-Cross - our organization is currently looking for specific items required by Red Cross to establish emergency relief stations called "office in a box" at locations such as the BC fires, and similar disaster relief efforts in Canada. Items required include older laptops that act as computer stations, telephone systems, and telephones of all type to enable communication. These stations usually consist of 50+ relief workers. Please visit the Red Cross section for more info.

Calgary Association of Self-Help - this organization received some computers to use in their offices. Being based in downtown Calgary using 486 computers wasn't adequate. We felt that by giving them some better ones it would make their jobs easier.

Dominica Project - this program with several partners throughout Alberta aims to provide the Commonwealth of Dominica with computer equipment for their 20,000 students. Equipment is being collected at the moment for this program through the province.

Kralja Zvodimira - school in Croatia. This school received computer equipment from the ERA. Several other 3rd world countries are waiting for their equipment.

Engineers without Boarders - U of C - together with the ERA provided upwards of 200 systems to the Philippines for a school program. This would provide computer training to lots of kids in need.

The Alex Community Health Centre - "Women on a Shoestring" program. Local startup businesswomen on tight budges are helped with consulting support, and provided with computer equipment by our organization.

John Howard Society of Alberta, and the Raido House. Raido House offers services to youth in Calgary. Received computer equipment to use from our organization. Youth are encouraged to come and learn the electronic industry by partaking in ERA's training programs.

Royal Canadian Legion - receiving some computer equipment from the ERA. Also hosting a computer giveaway event to Veterans on August 27, 2004.

The Aboriginal Resource Center - received computer equipment from the ERA to setup a computer classroom to enable learning, resume writing. Further equipment available for individuals in need.

Metis Calgary Family Services - Aboriginal Students Program - received computer equipment to setup a computer classroom. Youth are encouraged to come and learn the electronic industry by partaking in ERA's training programs.

Calgary Drop in Center - Computers for Low Income Calgarians, a joint program by the ERA and the Drop in Center to collect equipment from businesses in Alberta and provide the back into the community through the Drop in Center. This excellent program ensures access to technology to everyone.

GlobalFest - Calgary, Alberta. Received computer equipment to use in its shows to display world wide talent to us in Alberta. This wonderful event features great culture from around the world.

211 - This service is offered to the residents of the City of Calgary, where people call in for help in finding affordable housing, food, computer equipment. ERA takes part in providing low cost equipment to people in need.

Ton of Fun Playcare - this is one of few daycares to receive computer equipment from ERA. Several others are on a waiting list for equipment until some becomes available through our programs.

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