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Edmonton Alberta computer recycling and donations
Electronic Recycling Association - Edmonton depot locations
To donate your old laptops and computers or to have them recycled please drop them off or deliver them to the following locations:

Click to schedule a pickup from your offices for larger amounts of equipment.

Having the knowledge, experience and contacts to appropriately deal with all electronic items environmentally and cost efficiently makes us the industry expert for computer and electronic recycling.

Dear Residents of Edmonton.  If you have computers, laptops, servers and networking equipment you want to donate to charities and poor people, please bring them to our warehouse directly.

Dropping off your computers at the EcoStation or any other "recycling depots" will only smelt your old computers and not enable others to be able to use it.

If you want to help poor people, charities and your community organizations, then bring us your old computers. We will fix them up and donate them to into the community.



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