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Welcome to
the Electronic Recycling Association
Electronic Recycling Association is a non-for profit organization working with the public and private sector helping companies and the public deal with unwanted electronic items.
ERA collects old computers for donation and recycling in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, and across Canada.
Not only will we collect your old computers and electronics, sometimes same day, but we also donate a large portion to communities in Calgary, Edmonton and Alberta wide, in British Columbia, and with partners across Canada.
We are the only non profit organization that actually donates computers at no charge to local schools, charities, non profit groups, libraries, elderly homes, and other community based organizations. Unlike other groups that charge charitable organizations for computers, we donate computers at no charge to these agencies. We understand that our local community needs a lot of support, and that is why our clients prefer to donate to us.


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How can we help you?
ERA now offers next day pickup services, and we are now able to pickup any amount of items, from that single old laptop, to an entire trailer load of equipment. Contact us to find out more.
ERA donations get featured on TV! Local TV stations in Calgary and Edmonton have showcased ERA donations to local charities and non profit groups. Here are some pictures and newspaper clippings for your viewing.

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Clients are now required to create a username and password before requesting a pickup for the first time.

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 Pickups from offices of computers for donation and recycling
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 Commitment to Environmental Stewardship

 Commitment to Social Inclusion
Our programs consist of various non profit organizations, community centers, daycares, learning institutions, 3rd world countries, and others
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Membership to the Association is open to any individual, organization or corporation with an interest or a need for any of the services talked about.
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ERA is the only organization that collects old computers, laptops and networking equipment for donation and reuse. Donate to ERA and help your local community, elderly homes, daycare homes and many other charitable organizations.
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