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2013 Highlights

2013 Highlights

December 2013 – In Calgary, ERA makes a donation to Southwest Community Resource Centre to  enhance the quality of life of low income and disadvantaged children, youths and adults in our communities by linking people and services together.

December 2013 – In Calgary, ERA makes a donation to Nakiska Alpine Ski Association, which is a coalition of five Calgary ski clubs that provide a complete development pathway for your skiers starting from age four.

December 2013 – In Calgary, ERA makes a donation to Coalition for Equal Access to Education, an affiliate of Alberta’s Promise. Represented by Anila (Umar) Lee Yuen, The Coalition is committed to working with immigrant and ethnocultural youth, their parents, community, education and government stakeholders to promote access to quality, equitable education and social services.


December 2013 – In Calgary, ERA makes a Christmas wish come true through a donation to Inner City Community Resource Centre (Calgary Family Services). Jean Dube received a laptop that will go to a 10-year-old girl, whose family is dealing with a medical crisis. The organization provides access to information, referrals, support and community resources, such as food, clothing, shelter and employment, for families with children and youth in inner city communities.

2013 Holiday drive is here. The ERA together with many of its generous donors is helping collect cell phones, laptops, computers and servers for the community. If you wish to hold a drive, fundraise at your organization or otherwise get involved, read up on our holiday drive, and get in touch with us.

ERA is currently redesigning the website to feature our donations and charity wish lists. As we add more content and stories, we wish to display it in an easy to follow format. If you are a web design firm please your offer us your design, via our contest; Design Contest. If you have suggestions on what you would like to see, please get in touch with us also.

December 2013 –  In Calgary, the ERA makes a donation of laptops and computers to Aspire Special Needs Resource Centre. “These are a much needed upgrade from some of our current computers. Thank you so much ERA for this great donation! We really appreciate it – just look how excited Jennifer [Clark] is.” Aspire has been providing hope,  guidance, and support to families who have children with special needs since 1985.

calgary computer recyclingalberta computer recycling

November 2013 – ERA makes a donation of computers and laptops to Literacy for Life Foundation in Calgary. Represented by office administrator Stephanie Laitre, the non-profit organization is dedicated to educating and equipping individuals of all ages facing life-affecting literacy deficiency through free and low-cost training programs and services.

vancouver computer recycling

November 2013 – ERA grants the wish of a client of Camp Kerry in BC. Slakva and her adorable five-year-son Nicholas are coping with the loss of a loving husband and father, and were in need of a laptop for home use. Camp Kerry offers bereavement care through counseling, support groups, camps and retreats to individuals and families dealing with loss of loved ones. The organization also holds Grief and Loss Workshops for health care professionals, teachers, and community groups.

vancouver computer recycling

BC – We are thrilled to see the happy faces of the Rotary Centre for the Arts team with the PC donations ERA made in late August. The organization contributes to the economic, cultural and social quality of life in the community by fostering the participation in and appreciation of the arts. “Your gift to us has made our lives so much easier and productive�?? – thank you for the kind words Shelly Vida, performing arts & media coordinator.

November 2013 – ERA makes a donation to Vancouver Bach Choir in BC. Represented by Jennifer and Barbara, the charity is committed to sharing the beauty of choral music with local, national and international communities.


October 17 2013 – ERA makes a donation of laptops and computers to Deborah’s Gate, an auxiliary branch of the Salvation Army, in BC. Deborah’s Gate provides a safe and restorative environment for female survivors of sexual human trafficking and abuse.

calgary computer recycling

November 2013 –ERA makes a donation to Discovery House Family Violence Prevention Society in Calgary. Represented by case manager Jodi Brown,  Discovery House provides integrated residential and community services for abused women and children to enable them to live safely in the community.

calgary computer recycling


November 2013 – ERA makes a donation to Inner City Community Resource Centre in Calgary. Represented by Jean Dube, the Family Centre provides access to information, referrals, support and community resources, such as food, clothing, shelter and employment, for families with children and youth in inner city communities.

calgary computer recycling

Calgary computer recycling and Vancouver computer recycling and Edmonton computer recycling are ERA’s main objectives in the recent months. ERA has information that thousands of computers end up getting shredded because companies and individuals assume all companies reuse and recycle. When many say “recycling” they actually mean “melting down”. When the ERA says recycling, we mean, “reduce, reuse, then recycle”. If you wonder how this works contact us to find out. Many charities will be greatful. ERA also plants trees all over Canada in exchange for donated computers or laptops for recycling.

November 1st, 2013 – ERA makes a computer donation to a client of Calgary Catholic Immigration Society to support his child’s education. Represented by Family Support Counselor Susan Ma, CCIS provides settlement and integration services to all immigrants and refugees in Southern Alberta.

October 31 – The ERA was happy to help educate computer engineering students at SAIT in Calgary learn more about “E Waste�??, Electronic Recycling, Related Data Security Considerations – and how the ERA is actively making a positive difference.

computer recycling in calgary albertacomputer donations and recycling in calgary alberta

October 29, ERA makes a donation to McMan Youth Centre in Calgary. Mcman supports individuals, children and families reach their full potential in the community. April Stalling, volunteer coordinator, is shown receiving one of the laptops.

calgary computer donations and recycling


ERA donates to Aunt Leah’s Independent Lifeskills Society in BC for the 2013 Youth Awards. Aunt Leah’s Place helps vulnerable youth and teen moms in foster care achieve a better future. Congratulations Aaron Tan!

calgary edmonton vancouver computer recycling


October 2013 – ERA donates two laptops to Gracewood Housing Group, represented by Deanna Tasker, in Calgary. The donations will provide internet access and computing facilities to low-income seniors who are benefiting from the clean, safe and affordable housing offered by the organization.

Calgary computer recycling and donations

October 2013 – ERA donates to St. Patrick’s Parish in Calgary. These donations will be going to members of the community who require computers to job hunt, for their children to do school work and to keep in touch with family.


October 2013 – ERA donates to a member of the Grand Prairie Church of Christ who recently relocated here to Calgary. This single mother will be using her donation for job hunting and her daughter will also be using it for school work.


October 2013 – ERA donates to Check Your Head in BC. Check Your Head is a youth driven not-for-profit that educates and activates young people on various social issues.


For twenty years, Tree Canada has developed programs to maintain a healthy environment by planting nearly 80 million trees across the country. Together with Tree Canada, ERA plants trees in the name of clients who generously donate large quantities of used and unwanted electronics.


October 2013 – ERA donates to a client of Union Gospel Mission in BC. Union Gospel Mission (UGM) is an urban relief organization based in Vancouver’s downtown east side. They strive to help those who need it most.


October 2013 – ERA donates to Berkshire Park Elementary in Vancouver. The donation of a laptop was made to one of the school’s students who required a laptop to help him with his school work!


September 2013 – ERA received a great update from the World Fisheries Trust in Vancouver! They received their donation in July of this year – we’re glad to see the donations have gone to good use!!


September 2013 – ERA donates to Pathways Community Services Association in Calgary. Drawing on the strengths and guidance of Aboriginal traditions and teachings, Pathways: engages children, youth, and families through a delivery of a continuum of resources, supports and services.


September 2013 – ERA donates to the Caroline Family Centre in Calgary. Located in the village of Caroline, AB, The Caroline Family Centre is a Not-for-profit group that offers programs for families of school-age children including Family Fun Nights, Craft Nights as well as parenting related presentations.


September 2013 – ERA donates to Clouds & Water Gallery and Visual Productions in Calgary. They strive to provide opportunities and venues for artists that foster creative practices while engaging/educating local, national and international communities on contemporary art.


September 2013 – ERA donates to the Bredin Institute in Edmonton. Bredin offers employment assistance, training and career planning programs to youth, adults and newcomers to Canada.


August 2013 – Recently ERA donated laptops to a missionary group called Embrace Rwanda and today we received great photos of those computers being put to great use!


August 2013 – ERA donates to Unity Church of Calgary. Unity Church strives to empower and inspire abundant, meaningful lives through spiritual growth in a supportive, open-minded community.


August 2013 – ERA donates to CUPS Calgary. CUPS empowers people to overcome the challenges of poverty and reach their full potential.


August 2013 – ERA donates to The VisionQuest Recovery Society in Vancouver. VisionQuest brings substance-addicted clients on a comprehensive healing journey based on the 12-step philosophy.


August 2013 – ERA makes another great donation to St. Luke’s Parish in Calgary! This is the same church that provided a computer to ERA’s President when he and his family first arrived in Canada.


August 2013 – ERA donates to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter (CWES)! CWES works to support individuals and families in their efforts to live free from family violence and abuse.



August 2013 – ERA donates to the Women in Need Society in Calgary! The Women In Need Society (WINS) works to ensure that women have the resources, knowledge, skills and confidence to achieve self-sufficiency.



August 2013 – ERA donates to the Rocky Mountain Adaptive Sports Centre in Calgary! This great organization aims to enable all children and adults with intellectual, physical, or cognitive impairments to access, learn and participate in all sport and recreation activities in the Canadian Rockies! Mirela was onsite for this donation and even made a new friend!


July 2013 – ERA donates to The Big Mountain Youth Society in Vancouver. They are a non-profit organization where students learn about social justice, the anti-oppression framework, and how to become globally and critically aware leaders of their generation. Marilyn was onsite for this donation!



July 2013 – ERA donates to Patch which is a service offered through Hull Services in Calgary. Patch is a community-based program that works collaboratively with Calgary Housing Company and other community service providers to offer a broad range of services to low-income families.


July 2013 – ERA received a wonderful update from a donation that was made to Vecova in April 2013. The donation of fifty five (55) PC’s has been used throughout Vecova’s facility and the donation has now been published in their “Vecova Learning Centre” newsletter!


July 2013 – ERA donates to the Community Extension Team of Alberta Health Services in Calgary. They provide outreach and group support for promoting overall health and wellness, developing life skills, advocating for needed services and ensuring a smooth transition to long-term mental health follow up.


July 2013 – ERA donates to the World Fisheries Trust in Vancouver. They are dedicated to the fair and sustainable use and conservation of aquatic biodiversity.



July 2013 – ERA donates to the South West Community Resource Centre in Calgary. They work to enhance the quality of life in their communities by linking people and services together.


July 2013 – ERA donates to Embrace Rwanda in Vancouver. They offer support and programs to the people of Rwanda. It was started by members of the Lower Mainland Anglican Coalition in Canada (ACiC).


July 2013 – ERA donates to the Calgary Neuropathy Association. They work to ensure through education, interactive discussion and peer support that people living with Neuropathy and Neuropathic Pain have a place where they can come and talk, ask questions, and be listened to.


July 2013 – ERA donates to the Calgary Dream Centre. They help people restore their dignity, discover destiny and realize their dreams by offering management skill training, career skills development and spiritual care.


July 2013 – ERA donates to the Richmond Food Security Society in Richmond, BC. They ensure that people in the community have access to nutritious food that is produced in environmentally sound ways.


July 2013 – ERA donates to the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA). CMHA gives access to the resources that people require to maintain and improve mental health.



July 2013 – ERA donates to the Children’s Cottage in Calgary. The Children’s Cottage is dedicated to preventing harm and neglect to all children and building strong families through support services.


July 2013 – ERA Donates to The Bredin Institute in Calgary. The Bredin Institute offers employment training and development. This donation will be going to a student for her studies.


July 2013 – ERA donates to the Breakfast Club of Canada. Breakfast Club of Canada is a national organization that is dedicated to providing services and funding for community-based school breakfast programs.


July 2013 – ERA donates to Hull Services in Calgary. Hull Services provides leading edge and effective behavioural and mental health services for children and families.



June 2013 – ERA donates to Manna4Life in BC. Manna4Life is a Non-Governmental functioning to serve the poor and oppressed in Cambodia through Holistic community development and advocacy!


ERA is also featured in an article published by the Ian Martin Group’s blog. Ian Martin Group has been donating their used and unwanted IT equipment to ERA for over a year now and has helped ERA fill many donation requests. To read more, http://imgconnects.com/2013/06/giving-our-pcs-a-second-life/#.UcrsOyuMTWs.twitter

ERA featured in Waste360 Magazine, about our low cost green computers and data protection methods. Read more about this story on the Waste360 website, Recycling Association providing low cost computers and data removal and destruction services (with video)


June 2013 – ERA donates to Boyle Street Community Services in Edmonton. Boyle Street Community Services strives to build and provide community support for people with multiple barriers to community inclusion.


June 2013 – ERA donates to the Equitas Society in BC. They work to ensure that Children and Canadian war veterans receive the benefits they deserve, that human rights are protected and that fairness is achieved to the highest standards.


Recycling Today newpaper writes about ERA’s hard drive destruction services. You can read the article at this link on Recycling Today – ERA and Ameri-Shred Hard Drive Shredders

Computer Dealer News takes notice of the very affordable computers, servers, and networking equipment ERA provides to low income families, charities, non profit organizations, or anyone that can not afford new. Read more about ERA’s affordable recycled green computers

June 04, 2013 –

Facts not Fiction:

The study by the U.S. International Trade Commission surveyed over 5000 US recycling companies (companies that received the survey were required by law to complete it, and to do so accurately),

The study proves what ERA.CA has been saying for over a decade, that re-use is better than recycling for a number of reasons such as:

– Perfectly usable electronics diverted into a recycling stream, where they are turned into raw materials, rather than into markets where they can be reused for years.

– Most materials end up being shipped back to China wasting tonnes of energy.

– Re-use more likely to keep computers in the local community to help disadvantaged.

Reuse is better than recycling! Reference artice

Reusing is important and must not be stopped. Reference article


June 04, 2013 – ERA releases the Computer Recycling Guide. Read more about the computer recycling guide in our press release.

June 03, 2013 – ERA donates $150 and offers laptops to this needy organization. ERA knows first hand how it is not to be able to pay rent or heat. Wildlife non profit struggling to pay its bills

June 2013 – ERA becomee only one in Western Canada with several Ameri-Shred mobile hard drive shredders, which can destroy up to 200 hard drives per hour, making data not recoverable even by the special services.

On top of destroying hard drives, ERA can also provide military wipes and erase data so you can put new software on your computer. Read more about our Metro Vancouver computer reuse and data wipe program.


June 2013 – ERA donates computers, meant to be recycled to many charities and non profits in BC. Read more about our Vancouver computer recycling and donations program.


June 2013 – Milestone Reached! Everyone has heard about the $100 solar laptop.Everyone has heard about the 200$ Google laptop.

There is people who can not afford a brand new laptop or ipad. The latest milestone reached by ERA for people who can not afford even those.

Computer and LCD for $20. Laptop for $50. Server for $50. Cisco Networking Equipment for $20. Any business in the world can now get going for under $100. Low income families can finally provide their children with low cost computers, world wide. Our computers come from generous corporate donors. All data was removed and we have open source software readily available, as well as some corporate regular software.

We donate at no charge as many as we can to people and non profits that can absolutely not afford even those prices. You can also volunteer your time at the ERA and after 1 day earn a computer or after 2 days earn a laptop.

Many years ago the inspiration for ERA came from a poor boy who got a computer given to him by a church. He used that computer to start ERA.

June 2013 – ERA donates to Resicare Society of Calgary. They strive to be a leader in providing high quality support services to the community!


June 2013 – ERA donates to Accessible Housing Society Calgary. They offer safe and affordable housing for those who have limited mobility.


May 2013 – ERA donates to Scouts Canada in Calgary! The systems will help upgrade the staff computers and run Scout programs! Mirela was onsite for this donation.



May 2013 – ERA Donates to the Rainbow Society of Alberta in Calgary! Anita and Ben were on site to deliver the donation of laptops that will help the organization to display their presentations and keep their records in order.


ERA is happy to announce that we now offer on site hard drive shredding. We have acquired several mobile hard drive shredders which we can bring into your office for RCMP and DoD certified hard drive destruction service. You can view a video of our shredder in action on Youtube. ERA Hard Drive Shredder

ERA is excited to announce the launch of its Mobile Web Page for all of our mobile visitors! Please visit m.era.ca on your mobile device for access to all things related to the ERA. Soon, your mobile device will automatically be redirected to ERA’s mobile website.

Help needed. Calgary non profit internet exchange,www.yycix.ca needs 10GB Switches, or Cisco Nexus.

May 2013 – ERA donates to S. Bruce Smith School in Edmonton. These computers will help the students study and prepare for their finals!


May 2013 – ERA donates to Norquest College in Edmonton. These donations will go to deserving students who require computers in order to succeed in their studies.


May 2013 – ERA donates to Camp Moomba in BC. Camp Moomba offers specialized recreational and support progams for children affected by HIV/AIDS. They provide a safe and caring environment for these children, allowing friendship to flourish.


April 2013 – ERA received another Earth Day Round Up photo! Thank you for your contributions!


April 2013 – Columbia College received a donation from ERA! They will be going to members of the community who otherwise couldn’t afford computer systems!


April 2013 – ERA is, once again, celebrating Earth Day with our Earth Day Round Up promotions! The photos are starting to come in already. Thanks team!


April 2013 – As part of Earth Day, ERA presented at Fluor in Calgary for their HSE (Health, Safety and Environmental) week to educate on the importance of proper e-waste disposal. Alistair was onsite to present!

April 2013 – On FRIDAY, APRIL 19th ERA will be hosting a free computer hard drive, cell phone, and USB memory disk shredding service and computer recycling event at its Calgary location: 1301 34th Ave. S.E.  from 9:00am – 1:00pm. The event will provide FREE shredding services for individuals and businesses with no limit on the amount of computers and laptops brought in. ERA encourages participants to bring the entire computer and/or laptop if possible as there is always a need for donations for local charities and nonprofits.

April 2013 – ERA teamed up with Enerplus Corporation and was able to fill three donation requests! With the help of Enerplus, ERA was able to fill donations for the Women In Need Society (WINS), Hull Services and McMan Youth Family and Community Services Association. ERA sends a huge THANK YOU to Enerplus for make these donations possible!

April 2013 – ERA donates fifty five (55) PC’s to Vecova in Calgary! These PC’s will provide an upgrade for the Vecova staff to ensure that they have the proper tools and resources to continue providing such great services and programs to persons with disabilities. ERA is happy to help such a great organization.


March 2013 – Following the successful E-Data Destruction Day that was held in Calgary, ERA partnered with the Edmonton Police Service to host the same E-Data Destruction Day in Edmonton!! ERA staff and Constable Nadine Swist of the Economic Crime Section paused briefly for a photo opportunity while a father and son watch as their home computer is safely destroyed.


March 2013 – ERA donates to The John Howard Society of Canada in Calgary. The John Howard Society’s goal is to help those who have run into problems with the law and criminal justice system. Ben and Anita were onsite for this donation!


March 2013 – As part of Fraud Prevention Month ERA, in partnership with The Calgary Police Service, hosted E-data Destruction Day at Chinook Centre in Calgary. This day was used to educate the public on the importance of ensuring that any personal data on their unwanted IT equipment is properly destroyed and not simply discarded.


March 2013 – ERA donates to the Falconridge/ Castleridge Community Association Daycare Centre in Calgary. These computers will be used by both the staff and the children of the Daycare Centre. ERA was happy to provide the Daycare Centre with six new computer systems which were desperately needed.


March 2013 – ERA donates to the CanLearn Society in Calgary. These laptops will be used by staff to make onsite visits to children, youth and adult clients who experience multiple learning barriers. These laptops will greatly aid in removing those barriers and allowing access to education.


March 2013 – Happy International Women’s Day! ERA is proud to support a day that celebrates the achievements of women across the globe! To kick off International Women’s Day ERA donated five computer systems to the Women In Need Society in Calgary. These computers will go to families staying in the housing residence as well as the community resource centre.



February 2013 – ERA donates to the Lunchbox Theatre in Calgary. These donations will go to the Lunchbox staff in order to stay up to date with the shows and marketing.


January 2013 – ERA donates to BC 211. The laptop will be going to a family that BC 211 had adopted for the Holiday Season. This family has children that require a home computer system in order to complete school work.


January 2013 – ERA donates to Community Living BC in Vancouver. This donation is going to a client who is unable to identify colours or numbers but who greatly enjoys being able to find pictures of nature etc online!


January 2013 – ERA donates to NorQuest College in Edmonton. This donation will be used by the student for various classes and to ensure that he stays on top of his studies.


January 2013 – ERA donates to a client of the Ministry of Social Development in BC. This computer will be used by the client’s son who has Autism. Through working with the young boy the Ministry of Social Development has seen how well he learns with the help of technology.


January 2013 – ERA donates to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter in Calgary. These donations will help clients start new and get back on their feet. ERA is happy to help such a great organization.


January 2013 – ERA donates to Calgary Communities Against Sexual Abuse in Calgary. These computers will help the staff to upgrade their systems and to prepare documents that will aid in spreading the message of their organization.


January 2013 – ERA donates to the Union Gospel Mission in Vancouver. What a great way to start the New Year!

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