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ERA Donates to Alfa Mel Productions

Changing opinions through technology with Alfa Mel Productions

ERA is happy to assist the Alfa Mel Productions with 5 laptops. The laptops will be utilized for the screening of a film called “Race Anonymous”. The film was created to help people change their racial views, perspectives and to become more accepting of those who are different from them. During the event, Alfa Mel Productions would like people to take a brief online survey before and after the film to see if it is possible to change people’s views via media such as films, books, and television. “We are simply hoping to see if we can effect more of a sense of connectedness in the community,” said Melanee Murray-Hunt. This is a nonprofit event and admission is free.

Melanee was recently featured on CBC’s website in relation to the film “Race Anonymous”, check it out here!

Alfa Mel Productions

Event details:

Location: Loco Lou’s Grill and Bar in NW Calgary

Time and date: Saturday, May 20th (2pm-6pm)

If you’re a school, organization, non-profit or someone in need of a laptop, please apply through our online donation form today!

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