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2016 Highlights

Toronto Computer Recycling and Hard Drive Shredding

The team at ERA is excited to announce the opening of our brand new depot in Toronto, Ontario! Toronto computer recycling now has a new player, one focused on computer recovery, reuse and recycling. An added bonus is the arrival of our hard drive shredders, which bring data security to a whole new level. These powerful shredders are fully portable and simple to operate, so onsite destruction is now simple and accessible. Once booked, our professional team will deliver the shredder to your site, set it up and give a brief instruction on its simple operation. From there, you will have the machine as long as necessary to securely destroy as many hard drives as you need. Once your hard drive shredding is completed, our team will promptly return to remove the machine. Toronto computer recycling We have been successfully using these shredders for years across Canada (including BC, AB, SK, MB and QC), and are happy to now have dedicated machines in Ontario. The benefits are many: your information never has to leave your office and you can rest assured data has been 100% destroyed. We'll also take away the shredded waste, which will then be responsibly recycled into materials used in the creation of new equipment. If your concern is time, there is an option to instead have your hard drives picked up in one of our secure trucks, transported to our warehouse and destroyed by our staff. Upon request, we will provide (live or recorded) video surveillance of the destruction process (focusing on individual serial numbers) as well as a series of certificates and reports. Data security is the #1 reason people don't recycle computers, and now there's a simple solution. Toronto computer recycling has never been more secure or easier. Contact us today to book a pickup or hard drive shredder rental! Below is a quick clip of how the machine works, from a recent data security and fraud awareness campaign in partnership with Servus Credit Union.
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Help ERA win REAP’s Be Local Award!

ERA has been nominated for REAP Calgary's Be Local Award! Each year, REAP hosts an award ceremony aimed at recognizing YYC's most outstanding local contributors in the following categories:
  • Favourite micro business: Given to the REAP business with 1-4 employees who receives the most votes through our website.
  • Favourite small business: Given to the REAP business with 5-99 employees who receives the most votes through our website.
  • Favourite medium-large business: Given to the REAP business with 100+ employees who receives the most votes through our website.
  • Favourite non-profit: Given to the REAP non-profit who receives the most votes through our website.
  • Encompassing Energy Leader: Presented by Bullfrog Power to the REAP business with the most comprehensive energy conservation program.
  • Community Economy Leader: Presented by Thrive to the REAP business that is building community economic development - a strong local economy that works better for more people. This business is rooted here and it shows in how it invests in people and places, purchases from fellow local businesses, provides valuable social benefit and supports the community.
  • Empowering Communities Leader: Presented by Vibrant Communities Calgary to a REAP business who is also a Living Wage Leader, effecting meaningful and sustainable progress towards reducing poverty for its' employees and communities. Building richness and resilience includes paying a living wage, providing additional forms of compensation, promoting employee wellness, encouraging work-life balance and participating in broader community initiatives.
  • Environmental Transformation Leader: Presented by Green Knight Environmental to the REAP business that has made a compelling case, complete with financial due diligence, for the next initiative in its environmental strategy. The winner will receive the opportunity for financing for the proposed initiative through Green Knight's Green Advance program, creating significant environmental and financial benefit for the business.

Since today is the last day to vote for ERA in the Be Local Awards, we are asking for your help!

REAP be local award vote button "ERA’s vision relates to sustainability because sustainability is what they are all about! ERA is dedicated to keeping computers and other electronic waste out of the landfills and in operational condition for as long as possible. When items really are ready to retire, they ensure they are recycled responsibly. Their vision is to educate the public about the problem of growing electronic waste, and provide a safe solution. ERA’s services reduce the environmental impact of improperly discarded equipment. In addition to their reuse and recycling programs the ERA is committed to proving equipment at no cost to deserving Canadian charities, non-profits, schools, care facilities and other community groups and programs. Most of ERA’s partners are charitable organizations, all of whom are committed to serving the community. Their corporate partners, those who donate their retiring equipment to ERA, are inherently committed to environmental sustainability through the act of responsibly cycling out IT equipment."
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Fostering a Better Community, One Computer at a Time

The Electronic Recycling Association (The ERA) is a non-profit organization committed to fostering a better community through effective electronic waste reduction and the support of charitable organizations through technology donations. Many people throw their computers away when they no longer want them or send them in for recycling. What they may not know is that most recyclers do not reuse items but simply dismantle and recycle them, eliminating the potential for an individual in need to receive and use the item. The ERA’s number one priority is the reuse of electronics that can still provide value to people who need them and communicating this message to our communities. better community Our message is simple: Reusing items not only reduces the need to expend the resources necessary to create brand new items, it also gives people in need the gift of access to technology. We have partnered with hundreds of charitable organizations, non-profits, care facilities and educational institutions over the years with the ultimate goal of ensuring that people have access to the equipment they need. Last year alone we were able to donate nearly 1100 refurbished computers to deserving people - and countless other tech (smart phones, projectors, monitors, servers etc.). ERA has a long list of outstanding donation requests, and all donations we receive help us fill these requests. Your unwanted computer equipment will help us create a better community! Please consider donating your unwanted electronics to the Electronic Recycling Association. To find out more about our reuse programs, or how to apply for a donation for your own charitable organization, please contact us at [email protected].ca or call 1.877.EWASTE.

Check us out on social media for more!

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ElectronicRecyclingAssociation LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/electronic-recycling-association?trk=company_logo Instagram:@electronicrecyclingassociation Twitter: https://twitter.com/DonateRecycleIT YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/era
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Data Security, E-Waste Management and #SBWYYC

Calgary Chamber of Commerce Small Business Week YYC #SBWYYC Conference

#SBWYYC 2016, which runs October 17-21, pays tribute to the contributions that small business makes to the Canadian economy (those that are less than 100 employees). Initially launched in 1979, BDC Small Business WeekTM is an annual celebration of entrepreneurship that the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) has organized for almost 40 years. Each year, more than 10,000 business people come together at hundreds of events across Canada to celebrate entrepreneurship, learn and network with other entrepreneurs. Great things happen when entrepreneurs get together. The two biggest events of #SBWYYC are the Small Business Calgary Showcase and the Small Business Calgary Awards show, –both of which will be held on Thursday October 20, 2016 at the BMO Centre. This event has already attracted over 1400 registrants, and promises to be an exciting and informative event packed with lots of great networking opportunities. ERA is thrilled to be a sponsor of this premier event, hosted by the Calgary Chamber of Commerce. ERA will also be offering complimentary, on-site hard drive shredding for all attendees, so be sure to bring in your unwanted handheld electronics for processing. We'll be there all day at booth 201, and we'll have a great draw so be sure to drop by with a business card. #SBWYYC If you are interested in attending the #SBWYYC conference as a guest of ERA, please contact us for a promo code that will allow you to obtain a day pass for just $20.00. We look forward to seeing you there! For more details on the conference, visit the website: http://www.smallbusinessweekcalgary.com/ Not able to make this event? Check out BDC's interactive map to see what else is happening in your community.
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ERA Joins Bow Valley College for Social Innovation Month!

Bow Valley College Looking to spark your curious mind?  Local Innovators and Entrepreneurs will be showcasing their skills and demonstrating their expertise during the month of September at Bow Valley College. This is a great opportunity to raise awareness about how these social innovators are making a positive impact in our local community and globally. Bow Valley College is hosting four weekly showcases to share ideas and skills in the areas of up-cycling, waste diversion, renewable energy, environment, manufacturing, art, fashion, design, technology, agriculture, health & wellness, and nutrition.
ERA has partnered with Bow Valley College, and will exhibit on September 7th for their Waste Diversion, Up-Cycling and Agriculture themed day
As an added bonus, Bow Valley College will distribute passports to all visitors for collecting stamps from each exhibitor, and the first 50 visitors to submit completed passports will win a prize! The events are all free and open to the public - we hope to see you there! Where: Bow Valley College South Campus 2nd Floor 345 6 Ave SE When: September 7, 11 am - 1 pm - Theme: Waste Diversion, Up-cycling and Agriculture September 14, 11 am - 1 pm - Theme: Art, Fashion, Design, and Technology September 21, 11 am - 1 pm - Theme: Renewable Energy, Environment, and Manufacturing September 28, 11 am - 1 pm - Theme: Health, Wellness and Nutrition Who: We are thrilled to be joined by a number of great organizations who are committed to environmental sustainability, including: The City of Calgary BluPlanet Malika's Mushrooms Calgary Tool Library Eco BVC AgriSwamp Leftovers Food Rescue Habitat for Humanity ReStore Leaf and Lyre Urban Farms For more information, visit Bow Valley College's website: Month of Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship
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Call for 40GB switches and optics for YYCIX

ERA is currently looking for 40GB switches and 40GB optics and equipment to help out our friends at www.yycix.ca and their expansion plans. We call on all companies that may have an extra switch or extra optics or parts for 40GB networks around to contribute towards this project. YYCIX  
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Weathering the Downturn: Tools for YEG Non-Profits

Weathering the Downturn

[caption id="attachment_8268" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Weathering the downturn               Image credit: Ken Teegardin[/caption] When the economy wanes everyone is affected, not least of all charities and non-profits. Often the first thing our corporate partners are forced to cut is charitable giving and support. Despite the importance of the services offered by local charities and NPOs, and the fact that during the downturn more people need access to these services, decreased support means our ability to help is hindered. Already running on minimal staff and with minimal resources, there’s little left to cut during these times. Many charities and NPOs already lack budget for marketing, human resources, capital equipment or special projects and initiatives, all of which are necessary to support and grow our programs. The good news is that there are a number of locally available (free or very low cost) tools for charities and NPOs to fill some of the staffing/resource gaps to continue offering their services and assist them in weathering the downturn. Human Resources hrcouncil.ca (http://hrcouncil.ca/home.cfm) has an online check-up for you to evaluate your current HR performance and assess your organization’s core functions, which results in useful recommendations. They also have a plethora of resources to clarify HR related inquiries. And it’s all free. For posting a job or volunteer position, Charity Village has a specialized job board for Canadian non-profits to find appropriate talent for the unique charity/NPO world (http://charityvillage.com/). They also have a number of relevant tools for charity/NPO professionals to enhance their skills (eLearning courses, volunteer and event listings, webinars, newsletters, articles, tools and resources). Skills-based volunteers are a great option to consider when hiring a specialist isn’t possible, especially during a downturn when experts without full time employment might be looking for pro bono charitable projects to enhance their resumes. The Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO) (https://ecvo.ca/) is another organization focused on leading, building capacity within and giving a voice to the non-profit sector. Members have access to job boards, funding resources, special events and networking and discounted rates on training and meeting space. Annual membership fees range from $50.00 - $300.00. Marketing and Advertising Key to a charity/NPO’s success is reaching the right people, at the right time. This means having the right content combined with the right delivery tools and access to the right audience. For-profit organizations dedicate a big budget to this, a luxury often not accessible to charity/NPOs. The downturn is a great time to focus on building compelling content and planning strategic delivery methods. Research shows that your website has some level of influence over 97% of people who are considering working with you. So it’s important that it sends the right message. Creatives without borders (http://www.creativeswithoutborders.org/) is an international group focused on connecting designers, thinkers and doers with non-profit associations in need of creative expertise. If you need help launching your website, generating valuable content and/or determining your core audience, they might be able to help (at no cost). Talented and experienced volunteers offer their skills in exchange for exposure and a number of other perks provided by CWB. The first place most people will look for you is online, so you need to be front and centre. Once your website is up and running with optimized content, you can apply for Google Ad Grants (https://www.google.ca/grants/). Approved recipients will receive access to $10,000.00USD of in kind AdWords advertising each month. It’s a simple application process and well worth the effort. The program includes a top-notch keyword planner and plenty of additional tools to help maximize your online efforts. In addition to these resources, many ad/sponsor selling properties will offer discounted rates to non-profits and charities for advertising and/or sponsorship, as well as custom payment plans. This is also true for association (and other) memberships. Asking about NPO/charity rates and programs during your first discussion is the best way to maximize limited marketing budget and potentially receive additional perks and benefits. Finding Opportunity You probably already know who you need to talk to and what you need to achieve from the conversation, but getting access to the right people isn’t that simple. Cold-calling isn’t always effective, or welcome. Networking events and industry specific conferences and trade shows offer the opportunity to meet the right people and gain relevant exposure in a warm environment. B2B Connect Edmonton (http://b2bconnectedmonton.com/) has a fairly comprehensive list of networking groups in the Edmonton area and is a great place to start. When investigating industry specific events, remember to mention your NPO/charitable status. Collaboration with other NPOs/charities is another great way to expand your reach and create mutually beneficial partnerships that also offer better services and programs to the community as a whole. The Chamber’s annual Not-For-Profit Network Mixer (held in March) is a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the NPOs/charities in your area and start those discussions. Event & Meeting Space Many charities/NPO’s aren’t operating out of attractive high rise office towers with access to well-appointed meeting space, and sometimes the local coffee shop just won’t cut it for the big meeting. There are organizations willing to lend space at no cost to charities/NPOs. Managed by the Edmonton Chamber of Voluntary Organizations (ECVO), Edmonton Space Finder (http://www.edmontonspacefinder.ca/) is a great resource for finding spaces that might not be well known or advertised elsewhere. Tech and Office Equipment Even charities/NPOs need access to current hardware and software to stay relevant, and finding budget for these items can be tough. Techsoup Canada (https://www.techsoupcanada.ca/en) is an incredible resource for all things tech (hardware and software). You simply sign up as an individual, register your organization and submit your documents (certificate of Incorporation or Certificate of Status, issued by the province of Alberta). Once approved, you will have access to donation programs and learning resources. Techsoup can give your group access to specialized, professional software at extremely low prices. And just in case your staff doesn’t include an IT expert, Edmonton based SC Systems http://scsystems.ca/ helps nonprofit organizations to maximize their IT budgets with a computer donation program and NPO cloud offerings. Utilizing a skills based volunteer is another great option for IT related requirements. For hardware – ERA (www.era.ca) has a refurbished computer donation program available to charities/NPOs throughout Alberta and Canada. If your charity/NPO is youth based, Alberta’s Promise (http://www.albertaspromise.org/) is another great organization focused on connecting you with relevant corporate donors based on needs. They’re able to help you source a wide variety of resources depending on your requirements. Financial Grants Sometimes what we really need is money; if you’ve planned an initiative that requires financial aid to get off the ground, and have a solid outline of the plan, consider applying for a grant through the Alberta Government: http://www.culture.alberta.ca/about/grants/default.aspx. The Edmonton Community Foundation (http://www.ecfoundation.org/), a group focused on encouraging philanthropy and the funding of charitable initiatives, may also be able to help – they facilitate in excess of 20 million in grants each year. *Written for the Edmonton Chamber of Commerce, abbreviated version here:  http://www.edmontonchamber.com/news/blog/weathering-the-downturn-tools-for-non-profits/
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Maximize the Impact of Your E Waste Donation

Your E Waste Donation Has a Big Impact

We would like to thank our valued partners and donors for choosing us to manage your retiring IT assets. You already know that with ERA you receive prompt, professional pickup services and industry leading data management and certification. Did you know that by selecting ERA for your e-waste management you are also positively impacting your corporate social responsibility profile? The e waste donation you make to ERA could become a tool for someone unable to afford necessary equipment. Equipment that could help them find a job, connect with family members, or seek help in a challenging situation. ERA is a non-profit, supported entirely through donations of unwanted electronics. We have our own comprehensive, Canada-wide donation programs for less fortunate Canadians to access necessary hardware. So by donating to ERA, you are also inherently supporting the wider community. This is a great message to share with your clients, partners and business community. It illustrates your commitment to environmental sustainability and giving back to the communities within which you operate. Here’s how some organizations are communicating this commitment: ewaste donation If you have questions, would like to get involved, or would like assistance with messaging, please contact us: 1.877.9EWASTE (1.877.939.2783) | [email protected] | www.era.ca      
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ERA’s Back to School Promo: Free Pickups!

It's that time of year again, students head back to class and the workforce returns to regular schedules at work. While we lament the end of barbecue cookouts and pool parties, it is a great time to clean out old electronics from our homes and offices to free up valuable storage space and ensure digital information isn't left vulnerable to theft or loss. Until October 10th 2016, ERA is offering a back to school promo, with free pickups (one per organization) in exchange for creative photos of you and your team recycling e-waste! Simply gather your unwanted electronic equipment, snap a fun picture of your e-waste mountain with some of your colleagues and post the image to social media or your website, tagging ERA. Alternatively, you can simply send the photo via email to [email protected] with the subject 'Back to School Promo'. Once we receive your social media notification or email, one of our staff members will be in touch to book your complimentary pickup.

ERA's Back to School Promo

Back to School promo 2016 4  
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Tech-centered 21st Century Rehab Project Gives Calgarians with Disabilities a Boost

The Electronic Recycling Association donates computers, servers and phones to the Rehabilitation Society of Calgary [caption id="attachment_8210" align="aligncenter" width="300"]21st Century Rehab Project Photo c/o http://www.rehabcalgary.ca/gallery.html[/caption] Calgary, AB (August 26, 2016) — The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) has donated a truckload of IT hardware to the Rehabilitation Society of Calgary (Rehab Society) to replace the group’s obsolete equipment. With the help of volunteer IT expert Glen Martin to install the all new infrastructure, the Rehab Society now has current hardware for employees, the board, volunteers and members. The new technology also allowed the Rehab Society to complete a rebrand, including a brand new website, which the group has unofficially called their ‘21st century rehab project’. “We are really excited about this donation, the Rehab Society’s IT infrastructure needed a complete re-do, so there were some complex parts and systems required,” says Bojan Paduh, founder and president of the ERA. “The donation, coupled with Glen Martin’s volunteer efforts, have allowed the Rehab Society to update all of their hardware and even launch a website.” The Rehab Society is a non-profit, member-owned organization, committed to helping persons with disabilities. “We now have our new system all set up and operational, with several unanticipated benefits, including a website, a new newsletter, and much improved systems for the staff,” says Terri Vallance, special projects coordinator at Rehab Society.  “Our volunteer, Glen, has been astounding.  To date he has given us more than 360 hours.  Thanks to him, (and ERA’s donation) we were approved for a summer student who has developed the website and helped staff update computer skills on the new machines.  It has been busy and very exciting!” Media representatives are invited to attend and cover this donation story as ERA, the Rehab Society and Glen Martin officially unveil the new lab. Date:             August 31, 2016 Time:             11:00 AM Location:     The Rehabilitation Society of Calgary #7-11th Street N.E. ​                       Calgary, AB Attendees:  Kristi Gartner, marketing and communications manager, ERA                        Terri Vallance, special projects coordinator, Rehab Society Glen Martin, IT volunteer, Rehab Society Members of the Rehab Society   About the Electronics Recycling Association Established in 2004, the ERA is a non-profit organization directed to reduce the environmental impact of improperly discarded toxic electronic waste by offering accessible services to help corporations and individuals manage their retiring IT assets. With reuse being the ERA’s top priority, every item that is received is examined for any remaining productive life and refurbished for reuse. True end of life items are transferred to accredited recyclers where a nil landfill contribution can be assured. The ERA is committed to supporting local charities and individuals in need through the provision of electronic equipment to charities and individuals alike. About The Rehabilitation Society of Calgary The Rehabilitation Society of Calgary is a member-owned organization dedicated to people with disabilities. They are non-profit organization based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada focused on supporting people by providing them access to social, educational, and basic life skills, as well as allow them to access various community programs. The day to day requirements of the facility, such as janitorial, reception and kitchen operations are performed by the members with assistance from the on-site staff. This concept gives the members of the Rehabilitation Society a great deal of pride in what they are able to accomplish. — 30 — Media enquiries may be directed to: Kristi Gartner Marketing and Communications Manager Electronic Recycling Association Phone: 403-585-3589 [email protected] Terri Vallance Special Projects Coordinator The Calgary Rehabilitation Society Phone: ​403-263-8341 [email protected]      
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