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ERA Donates to the W.E. Graham Community Service Society

W.E. Graham Community Service Society Give Computers a Second Chance

We were thrilled to work with the W.E. Graham Community Service Society (WEGCSS) to donate computers and laptops to their learning centre. This will be a huge benefit to the society and its family.

WEGCSS provides programs and services that actively engage individuals and families in the Slocan Valley. They facilitate lifelong learning opportunities for all community members. They also provide leadership in community, economic and social development.

Susan Kammerzell, Office Manager at W.E. Graham Community Service Society expressed, “These new computers are going to be a real plus in our Learning Center.  Many thanks for helping us get them."

W.E. Graham Community Service Society

Some of What They Do:

  • They advance education and training opportunities to all residents of the Slocan Valley through the Learning Centre.
  • They provide and maintain a geared to income, licensed childcare facility in order to assist and support families in need of appropriate, affordable, or adequate daycare.
  • They help alleviate rural isolation and lack of social and recreational services for their youth with the Youth Centre in order to prevent at-risk behaviours, such as substance abuse, violence, and vandalism.
  • They strive to reduce hunger and poverty in the Community of the Slocan Valley with the Slocan Valley Food Cupboard.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing organization, please visit their website here.

Wheatland Crisis Society Receives a Laptop Donation

Working with Wheatland Crisis Society who works with the Community

The Wheatland Crisis Society provides ongoing support and services to women, men, and children who are affected by family abuse. They are committed to a vision of a future where their community is free of violence and their citizens are empowered to resolve conflict in peaceful and productive ways. The Wheatland Crisis Society also provides educational and community support services in the Strathmore area. They provide a safe place for families and individuals to stay until they are able to make a ‘next-step’. They also run community programs to support the needs of their community and increase awareness of the issues surrounding family abuse. This donation will assist with daily office tasks and help them create and keep track of their ongoing programs and events.


Their goals for the past year have been:

  • Adults and children who experience abuse are sheltered and protected.
  • Information is provided to the community about the effects of abuse and violence.
  • Awareness regarding family violence is increased.

Strathmore Shelter is a place where people can rest, reflect, and gather energy to take the steps they need to make safe and healthy choices in the future. They are not here to judge. Their role is to help clients to be as safe as possible. They are a short-term shelter (up to 3 weeks) but they try to have a welcoming and home-like setting, and their outreach services are available to clients in the community.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing organization, please visit http://strathmoreshelter.com/

ERA Teams up with Abbotsford Police Service for Fraud Prevention Month
Abbotsford, How Do You Ensure Your Sensitive Data is Erased Before Disposing of Your Unwanted Electronics?

We are partnering with the Abbotsford Police Department Thursday, March 22nd, 2018 for Fraud Prevention Month. The ERA will be shredding hard drives, phones, tapes and other small devices holding sensitive data from the Police department and the public. We intend on educating the public on how important it is to dispose of their unwanted and old electronics correctly so that the data doesn't find itself in another person's possession. This will be a day to educate and supply answers to all of the publics fraud-related questions.

We will be bringing a portable hard drive shredder to allow the public to shred their personal devices, free of charge.

Abbotsford Police Service

On the day we will be collecting your unwanted electronics too. The following devices are what we accept: 

Consumer Electronics (gaming consoles, iPods and mp3 players, stereo equipment etc)

Desktop Computers (PC & Mac, monitors, parts, motherboards etc)

Handheld devices (smartphones, cell phones, tablets etc)

Laptops (PC & Mac, docking stations, parts, cables etc)

Printers (Inkjet & Laserjet, plotters, copiers, scanners, fax machines etc)

Peripherals (Keyboards, mice, CD/DVD ROMs, cards, accessories etc)

Phone Systems

Racks and miscellaneous (Server racks, lab equipment, disk arrays etc)

Servers (Rackmount, stand-alone, all brands etc)

Software (operating system, editing, design etc)

Specialty items (Cisco networking, switches, routers etc)

Shredding Hard Drives Securely at CrossIron Mills Fraud Prevention Mall Event
The Electronic Recycling Association, Calgary Police Service, and partner agencies will be at the mall to educate the public about how to recognize, report and avoid falling victim to fraud


Calgary, AB (March 17, 2018) – The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) has partnered once again with the Calgary Police Service (CPS) for a fraud prevention month awareness day at CrossIron Mills Mall.  The ERA will be shredding hard drives and collecting e-waste from mall patrons and the general public. This will be a day to educate the public and supply answers to all of their fraud-related questions and safely dispose of their old electronics. The ERA will be accompanied by many partners who will have items on display to show the public what to be aware of, including evidence that has been seized in fraud investigations, examples of recent scams, an interactive fraud and organized retail crime quiz board and the Better Business Bureau’s scam tracker.

“Fraud prevention month is envisioned to facilitate conversations revolving around new scams and how individuals can minimize their risk of falling victim to them,” says Bojan Paduh, president and founder of ERA. “We help CPS ensure that citizens have access to the appropriate information to protect themselves from scams and data breaches. We are happy to offer free and secure shredding at CrossIron Mills and we look forward to answering any of the public’s unanswered questions.”

The ERA will be bringing a portable hard drive shredder to allow the public to shred their personal devices, free of charge. Devices that the public can bring include phones, gaming consoles, music players, stereo equipment, computers, handheld devices, printers and other electronic equipment that may contain personal data.

Media representatives are invited to attend and cover this community event.



Saturday, March 17th, 2018

10:00 am - 9.00 pm


CrossIron Mills - Booths will be set up near the food hall

261055 CrossIron Blvd,

Rocky View, AB

Exhibitors: 1. RECA 2. Service Alberta (Utilities Consumer Advocate) 3. Service Alberta (Consumer Investigations Unit) 4. Service Alberta (Driver’s Licence Fraud Investigations) 5. CRA 6. CrimeStoppers 7. ERA 8. BBB 9. Bank of Canada 10. CCCSA 11. CIT 12. ECU 13. RCMP 14. Crime Prevention


— 30 —

About the Electronic Recycling Association

Established in 2004, ERA is a non-profit organization committed to reducing the environmental impact of improperly discarded toxic electronic waste by offering accessible services to help corporations and individuals manage their retiring IT assets. ERA offers industry leading data erasure services, prompt and professional corporate pickup services and detailed reporting. With reuse being ERA’s top priority, every item that is received is examined for any remaining productive life and, if possible, refurbished for reuse. The true end of life items is transferred to accredited recyclers where a nil landfill contribution can be assured. The ERA is committed to supporting local charities and individuals in need through their comprehensive, Canada-wide technology donation program.

Media inquiries may be directed to:


Jessica Lifely, Business Development, and Marketing Manager

Electronic Recycling Association


[email protected]

Recap on ERA’s Highlights of 2017

Our Recap of 2017: A Record-Breaking Year at the ERA

We wanted to take some time to look back at the great things that happened in 2017. We also wanted to take this opportunity again to thank all of our incredible donors for their continued support, and our charitable partners for all of the amazing work they do in our communities.


2017 has been a record-breaking year for donations at the ERA, we quadrupled our outgoing donations compared to previous years. We are committed to providing electronic devices such as laptops and computers to individuals and charitable organizations in need throughout Canada.

In 2017, on Giving Tuesday, we made the largest donation to date providing 12 organizations and communities across Canada with a donation of 300 computers. ERA built many new and exciting relationships with organizations and companies in 2017 but one that stood out the most was our joined partnership with Shell Canada. We look forward to continuing our work with them in the coming year.

Shell Canada

On February 10th 2017, ERA teamed up with another great company called Hitachi to deliver our second largest donation in 2017 of 100 laptops to the Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth. Most of the laptops were distributed to families accessing CBFY’s services, while some of them remained at their facility in a new onsite computer lab that is accessible to all of their clients.


Community Cleanups

In 2017, we helped 15 community associations across Canada with their annual community cleanups. The ERA has always and will continue, to offer this as a free service. We provide resources for the day of the cleanup, including a truck to remove electronics collected, staff members to help with the collection and we also assist in raising awareness about the event through our social media and online communities.

We have already started booking cleanups into 2018, if you are interested please contact us today!

New Program for the youth: Parts to PC

ERA unveiled Parts to PC, a computer assembly workshop for youth aimed at getting kids involved in creating tech early. This fantastic program took place in March 2017 and it’s offered once a month on a Saturday morning. This workshop teaches youth between the ages of 12 and 15 how to build a computer from parts. This program is volunteer run and offered at no cost to participants.

Parts to PC offers foundational knowledge of computer hardware, giving participants the ability to troubleshoot and modify computer hardware to suit their desired purpose. Students are given an overview of crucial parts and their operation, a demonstration of computer assembly and then are given the opportunity to build and test a computer themselves.

School Presentations – Educating the Future of Tomorrow

In June 2017, ERA decided to take to the schools of Calgary and educate the students about the importance of going green and technology.

Our presentation consists of the following:

  • Introduction to ERA
  • About our Founder
  • Our Mission and Vision
  • Reuse Vs Recycle
  • What hazard materials are in each of your technology?
  • Our Programs and Community Initiatives
  • Service Overview
  • Partnerships
  • Pop Quiz and Prizes

We combine the visual and practical aids within each of our presentations, which keep the children engaged and interested in the topic at hand. We believe that the children of today are the future of tomorrow, so why not educate them? If your school is interested in ERA presenting and educating your students, please email [email protected] for more information. 

Free Phone Service for Charitable Organizations

In April 2017, ERA started offering free VoIP phone services (1-5 phone lines per charity) as an extension of our charitable donation program. This service is no charge and offers incoming and outgoing Canada-wide calls. We look forward to helping charities out with this service in 2018.

ERA Provides Free Services for Cisco Operators in Calgary

In May 2017, ERA created a Cisco lab to assist network operators and Cisco students in training who may not have the facilities or funds to rent their own lab. This free Cisco lab is dedicated to providing educational help for students pursuing Cisco certifications like CCNA and CCNP. This service mainly benefits students who do not have the experience as this service offers physical experience working with actual routers and switches. It provides exam preps and free lab scenarios for a better understanding of the following; routing, switching, security, VOIP, and wireless.

Canada: Celebrating 150 Years of Canadian Greatness

2017 marked 150 years of Canadian history. The ERA was pleased to celebrate this with fellow Canadian-owned businesses through our Canada 150 promotion (50% off destruction). 

Annual Initiatives Stepped Up

It was a busy year for events at the ERA. Throughout the year, we engaged in a lot of new and exciting initiatives.

Fraud Prevention Month occurs each March, and ERA works in partnership with local law enforcement to raise awareness about fraud risks and offers some options to mitigate risk. In 2017, we were present throughout the month of March, offering free data destruction to the public as well as answering questions about the risks associated with discarded computers and electronic devices.

  • March 18, 2017 – CrossIron Mills, Calgary, Alberta
  • March 25, 2017 – Medicine Hat, Alberta
  • March 30, 2017 - North Vancouver, BC

In April, ERA celebrated Earth Day, partnering with North Park Secondary School to collect e-waste. Also, we held our annual Earth Month Challenge throughout Canada where we offered free pickups throughout the month of April and the top 5 donors won a tree planted in their name.

On August 17th, we hosted our 7th annual awareness and appreciation golf tournament at the scenic Inglewood Golf and Curling Club, where guests enjoyed 18 holes of golf and a great dinner at Inglewood’s Club House.

For Waste Reduction Week (WRW), we held a competition between October 16th and October 22nd throughout Canada. For this competition, all you needed to do was drop off your unwanted electronics to any one of our depots with the competition poster and you would have been in with a chance of winning a refurbished laptop.

We partnered with CrossIron Mills and SouthCentre Mall in Calgary to promote Waste Reduction Week and encouraged individuals to participate in our competition.

At each of these events we had expert staff on hand with information about waste management, and we offered convenient options for the public to drop off their unwanted equipment.

If you are looking to hold an event for WRW 2018 and would like ERA to participate, please contact [email protected] and we would be happy to help.

The Twelve Donations of Christmas 

Lastly, ‘The Twelve Donations of Christmas’ a new initiative we came up with in December of 2017. We donated 12 laptops to 12 organizations that were picked by the public just in time for Christmas. This was a successful initiative and we will be continuing this for the coming years.

The ERA would like to wish you all a happy new year filled with new hope, new joy, and new beginnings!

Whole Way House Receives a Donation

Whole Way House Receives a Whole Lot of Technology

We were delighted to work with the Whole Way House to donate two computers, a laptop, a printer and a phone. Whole Way House is a Vancouver-based charitable society serving the residents of the Veterans Manor in the Downtown Eastside. They believe that when a person feels loved and valued, they are able to find purpose in life and be a part of something greater. They offer friendship and support to those who are often lonely, isolated, rejected and forgotten. Their vision is to reach the people in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside by creating a safe and welcoming environment where they can build meaningful relationships and a community that instills worth, value, and dignity. They aim to do this through Community Building Programs and one-on-one Tenant Support.

All of their programs are designed and based on their three pillars of ReConnect, ReBuild and ReCenter. Their programs aim to help their residents ReConnect with people by building meaningful relationships, ReBuild a sense of community, belonging and purpose through education and training, and ReCenter around a meaningful and purposeful life through a re-integrative clean-housing support system.

Whole Way House

While speaking with Sonora Szoczei, Assistant Manager and Tenant Worker at the Whole Way House she expressed, “We are so thankful for this donation from The Electronic Recycling Association! We have designated the desktop computers and printer for resident use, finally providing our tenants without their own personal computers with access to the internet and general document writing and printing. This will make it easier for our residents to do research, stay in contact with family, friends, and services, and update personal information or even resumes! The laptop provided to us by The Electronic Recycling Association will be used for Whole Way House staff, interns, and volunteers for program and event planning, storing tenant files, email communication, and general office needs. Thank you again, Electronic Recycling Association!”

We wish them all the best with this donation and the best of luck for the future.

If you are a charitable organization in need of IT devices, please apply through our online process here.

Jeunesse Classique Ballet Society Receives a Donation of a Laptop
Jeunesse Classique Ballet Society: Technology Making a Difference In the Dancing Community

We are excited to donate a laptop to the Jeunesse Classique Ballet Society (JCBS) in Calgary. This laptop will be used within their office to assist future volunteers when advertising and creating campaigns for the society.

Speaking with Diana Doyle, a representative from Jeunesse Classique Ballet Society she expressed, “We would like to thank the Electronic Recycling Association for providing our office with a reconditioned laptop! This will indeed be put to great use in our office for our dedicated volunteers! Thank you!”

Jeunesse Classique Ballet Society

JCBS is dedicated to preserving the art form of classical ballet by providing performance opportunities to youth dancers within Southern Alberta. They are a registered charity whose members provide endless hours of volunteer work from hand making all the costuming and sets for said ballets to working backstage at the performances. Each dancer brings a volunteer to JCBS to help them achieve their dream of dancing in a full-scale ballet!

JCBS is unique whereby the youth dancers in the ballets they perform ARE the stars of the performances. From Soldier to Mouse King to Sugar Plum Fairy, their dedicated dancers enjoy opportunities to perform their best on stage. This year, they celebrated their 30th Anniversary of the famed classic “The Nutcracker” to full audiences for four performances in Calgary and they also toured “The Nutcracker” to Edmonton where they provided performance opportunities to dancers from Edmonton and its surrounding cities and towns.

Additionally, JCBS gives back to its community by giving to charities by way of fundraising. This year, they are delighted to host a fundraising event in downtown Calgary themed “Once Upon a Time” Fundraising GALA at Hotel Arts May 12, 2018. They have chosen “Make-A-Wish” Southern Alberta as their charity.

If you are a charitable organization looking for a donation of IT equipment, please visit our website here.

ERA Donates to the Salvation Army Once Again
The Salvation Army - Working with Individuals to Create a Better Community
We were happy to work with our long-standing donation recipient, The Salvation Army in Calgary. They received a laptop donation which will act as an anchor when teaching one on one computer skills classes. The Salvation Army offers a variety of services and programs throughout Alberta and the Northern Territories for members of the communities that they serve. These activities are motivated by a belief that each individual possesses an inherent worth and dignity. It is the goal of The Salvation Army to restore dignity and hope in the lives of those they serve through these programs as they experience times of need. The Salvation Army Their mission is as follows: The Salvation Army exists to share the love of Jesus Christ, meet human needs and be a transforming influence in the communities of our world. Their core values are as follows: There are three core values of our faith – Salvation, Holiness, and Intimacy with God. Rooted in these three values are the seven core operational values which guide all aspects of The Salvation Army in Canada & Bermuda.
  • Compassion: They reach out to others and care for them.
  • Respect: They promote the dignity of all persons.
  • Excellence: They strive to be the best at what they do and a model for others to emulate.
  • Integrity: They are honest, trustworthy, and accountable.
  • Relevance: They are committed to the pursuit of innovation and effectiveness.
  • Co-operation: They encourage and foster teamwork and partnerships.
  • Celebration: They give thanks by marking milestones and successes.
If you would like to learn more about this amazing organization, please visit here.
ERA’s 2018 Information Package
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