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ERA Donates to Free Mason’s

ERA was thrilled to assist the Edmonton Lodge No. 7 – Free Mason’s with a refurbished computer.  This organization is devoted to the welfare and happiness of mankind, teaches that the good of others is of primary concerns and recognizes that society is made up of individuals, impresses upon its members the principles of personal righteousness and responsibility, enlightens them in those things which make for the good of human welfare; and inspires the feelings of charity and goodwill toward all mankind leading to practical application of those cherished principles.

This computer will go to an individual who lives in an assisted living facility in downtown Edmonton. She is confined to her suite due to medical reasons and is unable to get out and about. This donated computer will help her stay in contact with friends via Skype and email.

“As she is on a fixed income, she was ecstatic when I arrived with a computer as she has been unable to communicate with friends as her old computer gave up a few months ago. We were surprised to hook up all the connections and find it had been updated with windows 10, everything worked great right off the bat,” said Brandon Hanlon, a representative with Edmonton Lodge No. 7.  “I and especially Wendy are extremely grateful for this new computer!”

Free Masons


If you have unwanted computer equipment, consider donating it to ERA. You’ll free up useful storage space, and it could make a real difference to someone. If your equipment can’t be reused, we’ll make sure it is recycled responsibly, and regardless of the next step for your equipment we always professionally remove all data, free of charge.

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