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ERA Donates to Multiple Organizations in Montreal

Spreading the Gift of Technology throughout Montreal

Last week, we ventured out to the Montreal area and donated 66 devices to many deserving charitable organizations. Some of the organizations that we worked with included Center for Community Organizations (Coco), Action Jeunesse de l’Ouest-de-l’île (AJOI), Big Sisters and Big Brothers of West Island and Techno Culture Club. Below is a brief description of what each charity received and their mission to create a better community.

The Centre for Community Organizations received 2 Computers from ERA. COCo is a provincial, non-profit organization that works primarily with English-speaking, bilingual, and ethnocultural organizations to develop organizational health and promote community sector development through organizational development and leadership training, information dissemination, social analysis, research, and by strengthening links between organizations and sectors.

Speaking with Parker Mah, Commun-IT Coordinator at COCo he stated, “Thanks to ERA, organizations, and communities in need can finally have access to free or low-cost computer equipment, something which is sorely needed in Montreal. We applaud the efforts of ERA to counter planned obsolescence and keep technology sustainable.” We look forward to continuing this amazing partnership and wish them all the best for the future.

COCo Montreal

The second organization we donated to was Action Jeunesse de l’Ouest-de-l’île (AJOI) and they received 7 laptops. AJOI aims to improve the quality of life of young people and break the denial of poverty of the West Island. These laptops will be used to improve the lives of young people by giving them access to social media, job sites and so much more.

Ajoi Montreal


The third organization that received a donation of 10 laptops was Big Brothers Big Sisters of West Island. This organization provides life-changing relationships to children who are struggling. Many children today face challenges such as bullying, low self-esteem, and isolation. These laptops will act as an anchor to encourage the children’s social skills and create more of a positive environment.

BBBS Montreal

Lastly, Techno Culture Club received a donation of 12 Laptops. This donation is for their techno-creative activities given in primary schools, public libraries, and community centres. These activities are moments of creativity mediated through tech, the discovery of new possibilities and uses of emerging technologies, and often at its core serve as digital literacy. The activities are sometimes for groups of 8-12 youth or in school given to 25-30 students. They travel around Quebec to give these classes in collaboration with public cultural institutions who often do not have the technology.

Techno Culture Club

We were delighted to assist these charitable organizations with the gift of technology. Organizations throughout Canada are growing on a daily basis and the need for technology has tripled throughout the last few years. We, at ERA, try our best to facilitate every donation request that comes our way with the help of national corporations. If your company is in need of ERA’s services or would like to work with us to make a charities dream for technology come true, please email [email protected]. Let’s help create a more sustainable environment.

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