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Let’s win REAP’s Be Local Award!

2017 Be Local Awards: Let’s Make our Community Proud

ERA has been nominated for REAP Calgary’s Be Local Award for the second year in a row! From September 11th to 17th, 2017 you can vote daily for the Electronic Recycling Association.

The winners are recognized at an awards ceremony on at River Cafe in nine award categories:

  • Favourite micro business: Given to the REAP business with 1-4 employees who receives the most votes through our website.
  • Favourite small business: Given to the REAP business with 5-99 employees who receives the most votes through our website.
  • Favourite medium-large business: Given to the REAP business with 100+ employees who receive the most votes through our website.
  • Favourite non-profit: Given to the REAP non-profit who receives the most votes through our website.
  • *New* Favourite all-star: Given to the previous year’s Be Local Awards winner who receives the most votes through our website.
  • Encompassing Energy Leader: Presented by Bullfrog Power to the REAP business with the most comprehensive energy conservation program.
  • Community Economy Leader: Presented by Thrive to the REAP business that is building community economic development – a strong local economy that works better for more people. This business is rooted here and it shows in how it invests in people and places, purchases from fellow local businesses, provide valuable social benefit and supports the community.
  • Empowering Communities Leader: Presented by Vibrant Communities Calgary to a REAP business who is also a Living Wage Leader, effecting meaningful and sustainable progress towards reducing poverty for its employees and communities. Building richness and resilience includes paying a living wage, providing additional forms of compensation, promoting employee wellness, encouraging work-life balance and participating in broader community initiatives.
  • B Corp Leader: Presented by Business Development Bank of Canada, awarded to the REAP member with a B Corp certification that also demonstrates active involvement with its community, employee practices, and environmental stewardship.

Be Local

“ERA’s vision relates to sustainability because sustainability is what they are all about! ERA is dedicated to keeping computers and other electronic waste out of the landfills and in operational condition for as long as possible. When items really are ready to retire, they ensure they are recycled responsibly. Their vision is to educate the public about the problem of growing electronic waste and provide a safe solution.

ERA’s services reduce the environmental impact of improperly discarded equipment. In addition to their reuse and recycling programs, the ERA is committed to proving equipment at no cost to deserving Canadian charities, non-profits, schools, care facilities and other community groups and programs.

Most of ERA’s partners are charitable organizations, all of whom are committed to serving the community. Their corporate partners, those who donate their retiring equipment to ERA, are inherently committed to environmental sustainability through the act of responsible cycling out IT equipment.”

Please vote for us and encourage your family and friends to do the same. And if you want to learn more about other amazing businesses in Calgary, subscribe to receive REAP’s Local Buzz emails at belocal.org.

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