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New Laptop for the New Year: Saskatchewan

ERA has provided a replacement laptop to a woman whose previous laptop was seized and destroyed without explanation at the Regina, Saskatchewan airport in December.



When we heard Tracey’s story just before Christmas, we knew we wanted to help. She was detained at the Regina airport, and her laptop was destroyed by airport officials, on December 12th.

Going through a security point, her laptop had been flagged as suspicious – and after lots of questioning, an airport lock down and 2 lost days of travel, Tracey was cleared and no charges are pending. While her hard drive survived the ordeal, her laptop did not. (“In order to confirm that there was no explosive device contained or attached, the laptop was opened up by our explosive disposal members,” police spokeswoman Elizabeth Popowich said in an email. “It is no longer functional.”)

She was left at the end of the ordeal without an operational laptop, and without answers.

You can read the full story here: http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/woman-wants-apology-after-laptop-destroyed-saskatchewan-1.3894042

Since we can’t expedite the process of getting answers for Tracey, we settled on the next best thing – a new laptop! As soon as we came across the news article, we got in touch with Sheila Coles at CBC to see if she could help us reach Tracey. With her help, we were able to arrange for a replacement computer – and were pleased to share the news with her upon her return from attending her father’s wedding.

While she waits for answers, we have shipped her out high-powered, professionally refurbished laptop that will ensure she doesn’t have to deal with any further delays or interruption to her usual work.

For more details, tune in to CBC News Saskatchewan’s Morning Edition on Monday morning when we speak to Sheila about the donation. (http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/programs/morningedition)

We would like to thank all of our own incredible donors – it is because of your support that we were able to help Tracey.

If you work or reside in Saskatchewan, ERA’s services are available to you. We have a full-service depot located in Saskatoon, and offer e-waste removal services province-wide. Contact us for more information on our e-waste management program, our computer donation program and/or our charitable fundraising program.

About the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA)

Established in 2004, ERA is a non-profit organization directed to reduce the environmental impact of improperly discarded toxic electronic waste by offering accessible services to help corporations and individuals manage their retiring IT assets. Through industry leading pickup, data removal and reporting/certification services, ERA provides a full-circle solution for e-waste management. With reuse being ERA’s top priority, every item that is received is examined for any remaining productive life and refurbished for reuse. True end of life items are transferred to accredited recyclers where a nil landfill contribution can be assured. ERA is committed to supporting local charities and individuals in need through the provision of electronic equipment to charities and individuals alike.

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