Alberta Enterprise Group in Calgary Receives Donated Tech

By electronic recycling association March 14, 2023

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is pleased to provide the Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG) with 3 laptops.  This donation will help support the launch of a new program they’re working on for seminars, and the transportability of laptops will support on-site events.  

In 2007 a group of business leaders banded together to create an ambitious new business advocacy organization. The mandate of the group was to make Alberta a better place to live and do business, thereby creating long-term and unprecedented prosperity for every Albertan.

Over the years, both collectively and as individual members of AEG, they’ve succeeded in sharing Alberta’s story with the world. Their effectively communicate the benefits of doing business in our province, we positively inform the public and policy makers on complex and challenging issues facing the province and the country, and they create real change as the community requires.

At the Electronic Recycling Association, our vision is to foster a better community by assisting the non-profit sector to achieve excellence by providing reliable IT devices to meet their needs. ERA does this by refurbishing the items we generously collect. The majority of the devices we receive have the ability to be restored, have its product life cycle extended, and be kept out of the landfill. Even with the non-functioning electronics we collect, we’re able to extract many usable parts and put them towards another item, creating a functioning device.

To learn more about Alberta Enterprise Group (AEG), please visit their website.

With a focus on recovery, refurbishment, and reuse, the ERA continuously supplies charitable groups with donated IT equipment while securely managing the retiring IT assets of organizations and individuals across Canada. In a world where technology changes quickly and is a necessity for successfully running an organization, the ERA is always excited to fulfill each reasonable request and proudly support the communities we operate in.

Alberta Enterprise Group is one of the many organizations the ERA has supported this year. Since 2004, ERA has donated thousands of IT devices to hundreds of nonprofits, charities, schools, and care facilities across Canada. The ERA is proud to see our numbers grow each year and the positive impact we’re able to provide the communities we operate in. To apply for a donation, click here.

Consider repurposing your old electronic devices with the ERA to assist us in our continuous efforts to support your local community. Give your old electronics a “new life” and book a pickup today!