Host an e-waste drive events

By electronic recycling association March 31, 2022

Next generation of Montreal entrepreneurs is ambitious, resourceful, collaborative, and socially & environmentally invested. How do we know? Because they are teaming up with us to collect used and discardable computer electronics and gadgets around Montreal.

The young entrepreneurs arranged for 10 locations across the city for drop off locations and provided convenient disposal for anyone looking to securely recycle their outdated device.

The initiative started with a Dawson College first year student, after participating in the ERA 2021 Scholarship Competition. Building on the knowledge and experience in collecting e-waste gained this summer, they expanded on the idea inviting peers from the student entrepreneurial club, in an effort to fundraise for the club’s activities.

ERA’s program allows for non-profits, community or education groups to crowd source used tech equipment in exchange for cash rebates.  More info can be found here.

Locations for drop off of your tech:

Ville Marie College (2850 Sherbrooke St E)

Galerie Ambigu (1761 R. Atateken)

Epicerie Loco (368 Mont-Royal Ave E)

Ils En Fument Du Bon (368 Mont-Royal E)

Guepe (10905 Basile-Routhier St)

La Vie En Vrac (1325 Ontario E St)

Dawson College (3040 Sherbrooke ST W)

Maisonneveu College (3800 Sherbrooke ST E)

Andre-Launrendeau College (1111 Lapierre St, Lasalle)

Final Collection Event at the La Fontaine Park Event (at the Dollard Statue)

 Saturday, Nov 6th 10-5 pm

An open space Collection Event will take place at the La Fontaine Park on Saturday Nov 6th, between 10-5 pm.  Parting with the faulty or replaced electronics can hardly get more enjoyable than when paired with an autumn weekend park outing.

Accepted Items:

  • Consumer Electronics (gaming consoles, iPods and mp3 players, stereo equipment)
  • Desktop Computers (PC & Mac, monitors, parts, motherboards)
  • Handheld devices (smartphones, cell phones, tablets)
  • Laptops (PC & Mac, docking stations, parts, cables)
  • Printers (Inkjet & Laserjet, plotters, copiers, scanners, fax machines)
  • Peripherals (Keyboards, mice, CD/DVD ROMs, cards, accessories)
  • Phone Systems
  • Racks and miscellaneous (Server racks, lab equipment, disk arrays)
  • Servers (Rackmount, stand-alone, all brands)
  • Software (operating system, editing, design)
  • Specialty items (Cisco networking, switches, routers)

Your support will go far beyond de-cluttering your overflowing phone & cable drawers and storage boxes.

Positive results you can expect by supporting the e-waste drive:

– Help fostering youth entrepreneurship in Montreal

– Reduce waste and toxic materials entering the waste stream and landfills

– Prevent overconsumption of rare earth and precious elements mined for production of new electronics

– Support re-use of functional electronics by someone in need of low-cost or free device

– Protect your privacy and important data with ERA’s proven data removal methods

To follow the work of We Ship Entrepreneurship connect with them on Instagram: @we_ship_entrepreneurship_