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Electronic Recycling in Saskatoon Benefits Your Community

 Donating Your Old Electronic Devices Can Help The Communities Of Saskatoon 

If you want to help the environment and your community at the same time, it is time to start electronic recycling in Saskatoon. The Electronic Recycling Association can show you the way with our service and programs. We will happily collect all your used electronic devices, refurbish them, and then donate them to charities and programs throughout Canada. Our goal is to make a difference to the lives of every day people that need electronic devices and to reduce e-waste. Be part of the solution by assisting us.

Who we’ve helped

Tourrette Syndrome
The Saskatoon Hebrew School
Grace Place
Aunt Leah’s Place
Woods Homes
Royal City Musical Theatre
Kabuki Syndrome
Giving Tuesday
St. Peter School
Foster a Kid Foundation
Etobicoke Humane Society
Dixon Transition Society
Cross Town Clinic
Belkin House, The Salvation Army
Calgary Bridge Foundation for Youth
“Thanks so much for the enormous effort”

They got it all. Thanks so much for the enormous effort you put into coordinating this for us. I really appreciate it.

Environmental Organization
“The laptops you sent to me to bring on this mission were so incredibly appreciated! “

The laptops you sent to me to bring on this mission were so incredibly appreciated!  None of these people ever would have been able to afford a laptop in their life, but each and everyone will be able to put them to great use in their ministry.

“Thank you so much!! “

 This would be amazing for Christmas for my kids and I. Thank you so much!!

Stop Abuse in Families (SAIF) Society
“Thank you for not forgetting about us! “

On behalf of Focus School of theatre, Arts and Filmmaking, I would like to sincerely thank you for your last shipment of iPads and a projector we requested awhile ago. Thank you for not forgetting about us! With your help, now our students are better equipped and can learn more and faster. Thank you!

Focus School of theatre, Arts and Filmmaking
“Thank you so much ERA “

Thanks for arranging this and for all the work your organization does!

Inglewood Community League of Edmonton

Your Electronics Live OnHelping Those In Need

We Donate to CharitiesAll Over Canada

Your Information Is Removed Safely & Securely

We Offer On-Site DestructionOf Your Information

Drop Off Your Electronics AtOur Depots Canada-wide

We Can Pick Up ElectronicsFrom Your Location

Our Professional & FriendlyStaff Love to Help

We Collect Equipment to Help The Environment

With Our Electronic Recycling in Saskatoon, You’ll Get Secure Data Destruction

Even if you erase and delete all the data on your computer, laptop, or phone, there is a chance that an experienced hacker could find it. This is where we come in. We’re committed to providing our clients 100% secure data destruction. We use the latest AmeriShred mobile hard drive shredders and advanced erasure software to ensure that your device is completely empty. Only then we will donate your gift to a respectable charity. We’re passionate about privacy and security, so you can rest assured, yours is safe when you start electronic recycling in Saskatoon with us. 

Do you charge for pickup

Any pickup charges applied are based on location, the number of items, service requirements, etc. Fortunately, ERA is known to be able to waive costs during the multiple promotions we have throughout the year or for members & high-valued donations.

Do you charge for drop off?

Drop-offs are usually free of charge at any of our multiple locations. However, we do have costs applied for the following items, TV’s, Microwaves, Floor Model Copier/Printer & for Services such as Destruction.

Do you sell any equipment or is it strictly recycling/refurbishing?

Our primary focus is to have the equipment repurposed and donated. However, there are some circumstances where we offer equipment at low cost to not only avoid recycling working devices but also to offer the opportunity to individuals to receive a computer and not have to pay full price, as many cannot afford it. Our donation process is for Non-profit, Business, Charity & Educational type facilities. All funds are used to benefit the organization and allow ERA to operate and provide low cost or free services throughout Canada.

Do you wipe or destroy hard drives & media? If so, is there a cost & will we receive Certification?

Yes, ERA can data wipe or destroy media such as hard drives, tapes, floppy discs, CD’s etc. Secure data wiping is inclusive and free of charge. However, destruction can range anywhere from $0.00ea – $5.00ea depending on the donated equipment, media and membership status. Certification is provided usually within 10 business days after the service has been completed. Serial Numbers can also be provided upon request.

Is there a guarantee that the hard drives, once wiped, will be 100% clean and all the information on them will be gone? Will we receive Certification? 

Yes, ERA ensures the data is removed using Blancco. Certification is provided usually within 10 business days after the service has been completed. Serial Numbers can also be provided upon request.

Help Your Community. Start Electronic Recycling in Saskatoon Today

You can contribute to your community and help the environment when you start electronic recycling in Saskatoon with us. Any used or unwanted electronic devices can prove highly beneficial for any one of our charities. All you have to do is drop them off at our centre in Saskatoon, or contact us, and we’ll organize a pick-up. It doesn’t matter what device you want to get rid of, we will take it off your hands and reuse for the better. Your donations can help your community and make a difference in the long-term.