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Branded collection bins

ERA’s branded bins are a great choice to place in public areas. They are attractively branded, secure and do not require a large amount of space. Having one of these collection bins at your place of business offers a simple solution for patrons, tenants and employees to dispose of unwanted electronic items while promoting your business’ commitment to environmental sustainability. ERA will work with you to determine the best schedule for delivery and pickup of the bin, and will take care of placement and removal.

Wheeled cages for higher volume pick ups

We also offer larger wheeled cages for higher volume collections. These are easily manoeuvrable and are secured with a lock. Wheeled collection bins are frequently used for collection events and can be branded for public placement. They are designed to fit through standard sized doorways and in elevators. Wheeled collection cages come in two sizes, the larger of which is shown here. 

8 Foot shipping container

Dry and lockable, these containers are often used by retailers and landfills. These can be delivered and picked up on a pre-arranged schedule and can stay onsite long term. Please contact us with any queries you may have.

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Talk to us about becoming an Awareness Ambassador in your community, setting up your next charity fundraiser, or starting a community clean up event. Together, we can work towards a future with less e-waste.