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Moolah For Macros

Raise Money For Your Cause With An E-Waste Fundraiser

As a non-profit, we know that sometimes it is difficult to obtain enough funding to support your programs. To help out, ERA offers an e-waste fundraiser program to benefit charities and other non-profit groups.

Why: This program aims to give organizations the opportunity to earn cash for collecting unwanted electronics while helping ERA continue to provide less fortunate Canadians with tech equipment.

What: Moolah for Macros works based on a minimum equipment requirement. To earn rebates, your group must collect a minimum of 50 qualified items (intact* laptops, computers, tablets and cell phones/smart phones). The first 50 qualified items will not receive a rebate. TVs are excluded from this program. Anything collected in excess of the required 50 qualified items will be evaluated at the close of the collection event and totals will be calculated based on the following:

  • Intact laptops and tablets will receive a rebate per item.
  • Smart phones and cell phones will be weighed and earn your organization a premium rebate per pound.
  • All other equipment will be weighed and will earn your organization a rebate per pound.

There is no cost to participate, and ERA will provide necessary resources (staff to assist with collection if necessary and confirmed in advance, collection bins, removal of equipment) as well as assist in handling the creation of marketing materials for your event (posters/flyers for you to distribute). All you’ll need to do is share event details with all of your contacts to ensure your collection is well attended so you receive the maximum return in support of your cause. In order for equipment to be eligible, your organization must host a specific “Moolah for Macros” fundraiser. ERA will work with your organization on branding and raising awareness about your fundraiser.

Who: This program is open to charities, non-profit organizations, care facilities (day-cares, seniors’ facilities and health care facilities), educational institutions and community associations. We will also partner with for-profit organizations to host fundraising collections with proceeds going to the charity of their choice.

Where: Events can be held anywhere with space for our trucks and bins.

When: Contact us with tentative dates for your e-waste fundraiser and we will confirm resources.

How: Once logistics are covered, it’s up to you to raise awareness and get your networks involved! The more people who know about your e-waste fundraiser, the more will come out and drop off their unwanted equipment. The sky’s the limit!

*An intact item is operational and will power on.

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