Arusha Centre Receives Laptops & Smartphones from ERA

By electronic recycling association November 24, 2023

In a significant stride toward bolstering community resources, the Arusha Centre, a collective force for social justice and environmental advocacy in Calgary, has received a valuable donation from the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA). The ERA, known for its commitment to environmental sustainability through technology reuse and recycling, has generously contributed three laptops and four smartphones to support the Arusha Centre’s endeavors.

The Arusha Centre, a member-supported organization, plays a pivotal role in fostering community economic development and resilience programs in Calgary. Committed to localization, sustainability, and social justice, the center operates as a hub for resources and initiatives that educate, inspire, and connect individuals and groups on matters concerning environmental issues and social justice. Visit their website HERE for more information.

The recent donation of laptops and smartphones from the ERA aligns seamlessly with the Arusha Centre’s values. These technological tools will undoubtedly enhance the center’s capacity to carry out its mission and further empower the Calgary community.

The laptops, equipped with modern computing capabilities, will enable the Arusha Centre to streamline its administrative processes, facilitating more efficient communication and resource management. Additionally, the smartphones will prove invaluable for on-the-go engagement, enabling the center to stay connected with community members and respond promptly to emerging issues.

This technology infusion is particularly timely as the Arusha Centre continues to expand its reach and impact. By embracing digital tools, the center is poised to elevate its educational initiatives, connecting with a broader audience and fostering a deeper understanding of social justice and environmental concerns.

The partnership between the Arusha Centre and the Electronic Recycling Association exemplifies the potential for collaboration between organizations dedicated to community empowerment and environmental responsibility. The ERA’s commitment to repurposing and donating technology aligns seamlessly with the Arusha Centre’s ethos of sustainability and localization.

As we witness the convergence of these values, it becomes evident that the collaboration between the Arusha Centre and the ERA not only benefits the immediate community in Calgary but also sets a positive example for sustainable partnerships between organizations with shared goals. This generous donation of laptops and smartphones marks a significant step towards a more connected, empowered, and technologically adept Arusha Centre, ready to face the challenges of the future while staying true to its commitment to social justice and environmental stewardship. Book a pickup online today!