Athens Christian Reformed Church is Gifted with Electronics

By electronic recycling association January 16, 2023

The Electronic Recycling Association works with local companies to repurpose used electronics and IT equipment in a safe and secure manner. Our team works with community charities to donate these refurbished computers and electronics to those in need. Athens Christian Reformed Church in Athens, Ontario needed some IT equipment to better serve the community. The ERA was happy to provide them with a desktop computer and 3 monitors. Because they are a small church with a tight budget, they were thrilled to receive these donated items.

Our vision at the Electronic Recycling Association is to foster a better community by reducing electronic waste and enabling the non-profit sector to achieve excellence by providing for their IT needs through computer donation and computer recycling. We do this by refurbishing computers, laptops, monitors, projectors, printers, etc. that we receive. With fewer items coming into our warehouses, our waiting list times have increased.

If you have any electronics at home that are sitting unused, please consider dropping it off at an ERA Depot near you. The Electronic Recycling Association also offers free pickups across Canada. We operate in 7 major Canadian cities and are also able to serve remote communities. Book your pick up today and see your electronics help out charities and non-profits all across Canada.