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Electronic Recycling

Electronic Recycling is very important for the Canadian environment. The Electronic Recycling Association works with government approved recyclers to ensure all end of life computers are safely recycled.

The ERA provides donation and recycling programs for the following used equipment:


recycle computersWe accept Personal Computer and Macintosh brand hardware, in complete or in part. No matter how old or not useful it might seem.  Cases, and other hardware are also accepted.


notebook recycleWe also accept notebooks of both PC and Macintosh types for recycling. Broken screen, or keys? No problem, we will help recycle it or re-purpose it so that it is not wasted. We also accept all types of parts and cables with accessories that you feel you no longer need.


recycle printersInkjet, LaserJet printers, and scanners, copiers and fax machines need to be recycled also like any other electronic equipment. Throwing this into the garbage in whole or in part is not legal and must be disposed of correctly through government approved disposal methods.


Keyboards, old mice, dvd and cd rom drives… any old or discarded video cards, and accessories must be disposed of correctly.



Recycle ServersDo you have an old server that is just taking up space? Please ensure to back up all necessary data before we take these items. Is any of your data propriety in nature and needs to be shredded so that it cannot ever be retrieved? Please check out or hard drive shredding service.

Phone Systems

phone system recyclingAre you intending to upgrade your phone systems throughout your office? There are many not for profit organizations that can use this old equipment. We will refurbish and ensure it gets to an organization that can use it to meet their public service goals.

Monitors and Old Televisions

Recycle MonitorsMany organizations have old monitors, and televisions which have reached end of life and need to be removed from a back storage room or from old unused offices. We will take these and if possible re-purpose them to help an organization in need.


Recycle SoftwareSoftware which is no longer used because it is out of date and cannot be updated still has use to organizations which are on a budget like a start-up not for profit. Old operating systems like windows xp or earlier have use to other people and organizations.

Racks and Miscellaneous IT support items.

Recycle ServersServer raps, lab equipment, disk arrays etc all can be recycled, reused and otherwise re-purposed and recycled to meet the needs of a new organization if it is of no use to your organization anymore. Like everything else we recycle we want these items to get to the places that will need them the most.

Specialty Items

Recycle Specialty Computer EquipmentCisco networking items, switches, routers etc. can all be reused in a new organization.


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These are our data destruction and recycling services.

The ERA provides specialty recycling programs for offices, schools, and organizations for all equipment mentioned above. The Electronic Recycling Association will ship boxes and you can start your own recycling program. Order your boxes by contacting us.

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