Empowering Youth and Building Community: ERA Donates Computers to Eclypse Youth Centre

By electronic recycling association May 17, 2023

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is thrilled to announce our recent donation of 2 desktop computers to the Eclypse Youth Centre in Toronto. Eclypse provides a safe and supportive environment for youth with various needs, helping them navigate the world around them. The computers donated by ERA will enable the staff at Eclypse to better serve and support the youth in their care.

Established in 1999, Eclypse Youth Centre (Experiential Centre Lighting Youths’ Paths Supporting Expression) is a multi-service drop-in center for individuals aged 12-24 residing in Brampton. The center operates through collaboration with several local agencies, including the Peel District School Board’s TELL program, YMCA’s Employment & Community Services and Peel Youth Substance Abuse Program, Peel HIV/AIDS Network, Operation Springboard, African Community Services, Our Place Peel, Associated Youth Services of Peel’s R.A.I.N. Program, and Family Association for Mental Health Everywhere.

At ERA, we are dedicated to fostering innovation and connectivity within communities. As a nonprofit organization, we witness firsthand the positive impact of supporting the communities where we operate. By providing electronic devices, we enable charitable organizations like Eclypse to continue their mission of bringing people together in creative spaces.

Donating unwanted electronics not only benefits local organizations but also helps reduce e-waste in landfills. If you have unused printers, laptops, or projectors, consider donating them to organizations operating in your area. By donating a laptop to ERA, you empower another organization to start new programs, expand their administrative capacity, or teach digital skills to youth and seniors. As technology continues to advance rapidly, the demand for updated electronics to support community initiatives also increases. You can find a list of charities waiting for computer donations on our website.

Contribute to your local community by donating your unwanted electronics. Book a pickup with ERA today by calling 1-877-9-EWASTE.