ERA Donates Computers to OSCAY

By electronic recycling association June 2, 2023

Empowering Toronto’s Youth Through Technology

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is proud to announce its recent donation of 6 desktop computers to Operation Save Canadian Youth (OSCAY) in Toronto, ON. OSCAY is a community-based organization dedicated to supporting youth by providing them with new opportunities, breaking down barriers, fostering positive relationships, and improving their educational outcomes. As a committed partner, ERA has a long-standing history of supporting OSCAY and other charitable initiatives. To learn more about our donation efforts, please visit our website.

ERA is a non-profit organization with a strong focus on reducing unnecessary waste and environmental impact through responsible management of retiring electronic and IT equipment. What sets us apart from others in this sector is our emphasis on “reuse” and our dedication to donation activities. As an ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 certified company, we offer pickup services, ensure comprehensive data security measures, and provide detailed reporting.

At ERA, we firmly believe that “reuse” is the most environmentally friendly approach to managing the growing stream of electronic waste. We recognize that individuals and organizations often have technology hardware that can still be put to productive use. By facilitating the reuse of these electronics, we not only reduce e-waste but also generate real community goodwill. With depots located throughout Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto, and across Canada, ERA is dedicated to providing a safe and secure way to recycle electronic equipment.

Our mission at ERA is to minimize electronic waste through computer recycling, laptop recycling, and computer donation services. We are proud to offer a convenient and reliable solution for individuals and organizations seeking to dispose of their electronic equipment responsibly. By donating to organizations like OSCAY, we aim to empower communities, bridge the digital divide, and create opportunities for youth to thrive.

Are you interested in contributing to the cause of electronic waste reduction? Contact us at 1-877-9EWASTE to determine if you are eligible for a free pickup service. Our team will guide you through the process, ensuring that your retired electronic equipment is handled securely and sustainably.