ERA Donates Tech to The Immigrant Education Society in Calgary

By electronic recycling association May 21, 2024

In a world increasingly driven by technology, access to digital devices has become essential for both personal and professional development. Recognizing this, the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) recently donated a laptop to The Immigrant Education Society (TIES) in Calgary, marking another step towards bridging the digital divide.

TIES, a well-respected organization dedicated to helping immigrants and refugees integrate into Canadian society, will be allocating this valuable resource to one of their clients. This laptop is not just a piece of technology; it represents a lifeline to opportunities, education, and connection. For newcomers, the settlement process can be daunting, with numerous challenges such as finding employment, accessing services, and building a new life in an unfamiliar environment.

The recipient of the laptop will use it primarily for job searching and other critical settlement processes. In today’s job market, the ability to access online job boards, submit applications, and participate in virtual interviews is crucial. Moreover, the laptop will facilitate the client’s ability to stay connected with support networks, attend virtual meetings, and continue their education online.

The ERA’s mission goes beyond simply recycling electronics; it’s about repurposing technology to give back to the community. By donating refurbished devices to organizations like TIES, the ERA is ensuring that valuable technology doesn’t go to waste but instead serves as a tool for empowerment. This initiative not only helps individuals in need but also promotes environmental sustainability by extending the life cycle of electronic devices.

To learn more about The Immigrant Education Society (TIES), please visit their website.

If you want to make a difference to both people in need, and the environment, then it’s time to start electronic recycling with the ERA. And it’s not as difficult as it seems. We here at the Electronic Recycling Association have made it easy for everyone. If there is any electronic device – cell phone, tablets, laptop – that you want to donate, we will take it off your hands.

You can either drop it off at one of our depots located across Canada or we can organize a pick-up at a time that suits you. It’s that easy!

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