ERA Donates Tech to the Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society

By electronic recycling association November 17, 2023

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) has recently donated laptops to the Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society in Vancouver, BC. This donation, comprising three laptops, comes as a benefit to families in need, particularly those with school and high school-aged children.

For the families associated with the Mount Pleasant Family Centre Society, access to working laptops is not just a luxury but a pressing necessity. Many parents in this community find themselves facing financial constraints, lacking resources, and having limited community involvement, making it challenging to afford electronic devices for their families. Recognizing this need, ERA’s donation aims to alleviate the burden on parents and empower their children with the tools necessary for educational success.

These laptops play a pivotal role in addressing the educational needs of children within the Mount Pleasant community. Beyond offering relief to parents facing financial constraints, the laptops enable students to keep up with their homework and enhance their digital literacy. The positive impact extends to both children and parents, fostering an environment of learning and technological empowerment.

The Mount Pleasant Family Centre, established as a non-profit society in 1976, has been a cornerstone of support for local mothers seeking a safe and child-friendly space for mutual assistance. Over the years, the dedicated parent volunteer board worked alongside staff to raise funds for crucial renovations, resulting in the inclusion of essential facilities such as a playroom and an adult lounge area. These facilities remain central to the center’s services to this day.

The mission of the Mount Pleasant Family Centre is clear: to create safe spaces that inspire and support families in building caring relationships—with their children, each other, and the community. ERA’s recent laptop donation aligns seamlessly with this mission, providing not just devices but opportunities for growth, learning, and connectivity within the Mount Pleasant community. 

To learn more about the Mount Pleasant Family Centre please visit their website.

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is an organization that stands at the forefront of addressing the digital divide in Canada. Our mission is clear: to work with charities across the country and provide refurbished electronics for their programs. This includes laptops, computers, and other essential technology that can be a game-changer for charitable organizations, individuals and families facing hardship.

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