ERA’s Donation Helps PADH Combat Impaired Driving

By electronic recycling association May 31, 2023

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is proud to support Parents Against Driving High (PADH) through a donation of 3 laptops and 2 projectors. This contribution aims to bolster PADH’s programs and services, focused on education, awareness, and advocacy. PADH, an organization initiated by concerned parents, strives to raise awareness about the perils of driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They firmly believe that driving high poses as much danger as driving drunk, leading to accidents, injuries, and even fatalities.

In Canada, the issue of impaired driving continues to pose a significant threat to road safety. According to recent statistics, alcohol and drugs are factors in approximately 55% of fatal collisions in the country (source: Transport Canada). Driving under the influence not only endangers the lives of the impaired drivers themselves but also puts innocent road users at risk.

PADH is dedicated to educating parents and teenagers about the dangers of driving high and providing valuable information on how to prevent impaired driving. They also advocate for stronger laws and penalties against driving under the influence of drugs. By engaging parents and the community in open and honest conversations about drug use and its consequences, PADH believes that parents can play a crucial role in preventing drug use and impaired driving among teenagers.

Understanding the significance of reliable technology for charitable organizations, ERA collaborates with various charities across the country, including PADH, to provide them with refurbished electronics. By doing so, ERA enables these organizations to focus on developing impactful programs that assist Canadians struggling with poverty, health concerns, or other misfortunes. Since 2004, ERA has donated thousands of computers to Canadians in need, contributing to the betterment of communities nationwide.

By repurposing your unwanted equipment and making an electronic donation, you can support your local community. Through your contribution, local community charities gain equal opportunities to support their programs and assist Canadians in need. Together, we can strive towards a future with reduced e-waste. Don’t hesitate to book your pickup today and make a difference in your community!