ERA’s Electronics Donation Makes a Mark on Madagascar’s Ministry of National Defense

By electronic recycling association December 1, 2023

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) proudly announces its donation of electronics to the Ministry of National Defense of Madagascar. On December 1, 2023, this significant contribution set the stage for advancing various vital programs discussed extensively within the Ministry.

Supporting Key Initiatives:

ERA’s donation of electronics takes center stage in bolstering ongoing programs crucial to the nation’s development. A standout project discussed during the meeting focuses on the construction of facilities at Antsahasoa Pagoda. Furthermore, ERA’s support extends to the development of national education institutions and a dedicated public health center under the Ministry’s purview.

Fueling Progress towards Set Goals:

ERA’s commitment to advancing societal goals is evident through the donation of electronics.  This support plays a pivotal role in propelling the mentioned sectors forward, facilitating a tangible impact on the realization of set objectives. The collaboration between ERA and the Ministry is characterized by a seamless transfer of resources for the benefit of the nation.

Appreciation from Ministry Officials:

General Ramasy Razafindratovo Heritiana, the Secretary-General of the Ministry of National Defense, extended sincere appreciation for the support provided by ERA. During the official reception, Minister RAKOTOARIJAONA Josoa expressed gratitude, acknowledging the substantial contributions made by different high-ranking officials within the Ministry.

ERA’s Commitment in Challenging Times:

ERA’s donation addresses critical needs, especially in the face of challenges experienced by the Government. General Heritiana emphasized the importance of such partnerships, highlighting the crucial role of organizations like ERA in overcoming obstacles and driving progress, particularly during challenging times.

ERA’s electronic donation to the Ministry of National Defense is a beacon of hope and progress for Madagascar. As ERA takes the lead in making substantial contributions, the nation can anticipate positive change, innovation, and a future marked by enhanced educational and healthcare facilities. This singular act showcases ERA’s dedication to the well-being and advancement of Madagascar, setting the stage for a brighter future.