ERA’s Technology Donation Ignites Potential for Calgary’s Budding Cricket Stars

By electronic recycling association April 15, 2024

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) has stepped up to assist the Future Stars Cricket Foundation in Calgary. The ERA’s recent donation of 2 printers and 3 projectors is set to make a significant impact on the foundation’s ability to serve young cricket enthusiasts in the area.

The Future Stars Cricket Foundation has been making waves in Calgary with its pioneering initiative, the Future Stars Cricket League. This league, aimed at kids and youth, marks the city’s first organized cricket league of its kind. What’s even more remarkable is that participation in the league comes at no cost to the young players involved.


With 250 kids and youth already registered for the ongoing winter season, and expectations of surpassing 400 registrations for the upcoming summer, the demand for resources and equipment is substantial. This is where ERA’s donation comes into play. By providing printers and projectors, ERA is ensuring that the foundation’s staff has the necessary tools to continue delivering quality programming and coaching to aspiring cricketers.

As the Future Stars Cricket Foundation gears up for a bustling summer season, the support from ERA serves as a testament to the belief in the potential of young athletes and the value of sports in community building. This donation is not just about technology; it’s about investing in the future of cricket and empowering the next generation of players to shine bright.

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