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Community Involvement Is Paramount To Our Success

Get involved with the Electronic Recycling Association and help work towards a future without e-waste. Invite the ERA to your community cleanup, host an e-waste fundraiser, spend some time volunteering at the ERA, or initiate an e-waste collection at your business. Our volunteering program is a great way to fulfill your community service goals while assisting with our electronic recycling initiatives. 

Volunteer at era

Gain valuable computer experience, help your community, and receive a computer once volunteer hours are completed.

Fundraiser for your cause

Earn some cash for your cause! We offer an e-waste fundraiser program to benefit charities and other non-profit groups.

Become an era member

Receive exclusive membership benefits like price reductions, priority pickups, discounted hardware, and more.

Collect electronics

We provide collection bins for ongoing use and prompt equipment removal at no extra charge. 

Youth workshops

Learn how to build a computer from scratch! Our Parts to PC Youth Workshop is offered to participants aged 12 to 15. 

Contact Us Today And Make A Difference In Your Community

Our focus is on reducing unnecessary waste and environmental impact through retiring electronic and IT equipment. By repurposing unwanted electronics, we can donate refurbished equipment to foundations and charities in your community. Recycle your electronic equipment safely and securely with the Electronic Recycling Association.