Give Your Devices A New Life By Donating Them To Charities In Need

By electronic recycling association January 23, 2023

Viewing regular access to a personal computer as a non-essential luxury is a thing of the past. Even basic activities now require the use of a computer; applying for a job, completing school work, staying in touch with family or even something as simple as looking up a bus route is difficult without a computer. The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) has developed a charitable computer donation program to address exactly that problem.

Currently, the ERA has a growing list of over 1000 pending organizations that are in urgent need of IT related devices. These items are needed to improve the lives of others and act as an anchor so that organizations can progress and make a real difference within the community.

Many organizations find it extremely hard to save a portion of their already rigid budget to buy the technical equipment they may need to create more awareness online. In the eyes of other organizations, it is not a necessity and therefore isn’t first on the priority list when deciding on where to spend the money they have been allocated. Therefore, ERA donating devices to organizations in need is a big weight off their shoulders and they can use their technology funding for other projects they are working on throughout the year.

Can you help us with our mission of collecting laptops for a few charities on our wait list? 

  • Boys and Girls Clubs Big Brothers Big Sisters
  • Salvation Army
  • March of Dimes Canada
  • The Canadian Helpers Society
  • Immigration Service Calgary
  • Vancouver Coastal Health Authority

If you would like to see the full list of charities on wait list, please click here.