How the Electronic Recycling Association’s Laptop Donation is Empowering Youth at CanU Canada

By electronic recycling association June 26, 2024

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) has recently donated 10 laptops to CanU Canada in Winnipeg, MB. These laptops will support CanU’s digital literacy programs, robotics programs, and coding programs, as well as provide laptops to several families on a temporary basis so that their children can participate in CanU’s virtual programming.

The laptops donated by ERA will play a crucial role in enhancing CanU’s initiatives, particularly in their digital literacy, robotics, and coding programs. Additionally, these devices will be temporarily provided to families, ensuring that children can participate in CanU’s virtual programming from home. This initiative not only supports educational endeavors but also bridges the digital divide, ensuring equal access to learning opportunities.

CanU Canada, headquartered in Winnipeg, operates with a mission to instill hope and confidence in the next generation of leaders. Targeting youth aged 10-18 through out-of-school mentorship programs, CanU offers a diverse array of educational experiences on post-secondary campuses. These activities aim to foster holistic development, encompassing nutrition, health, academic prowess, social skills, and leadership abilities.

Central to CanU’s operations are post-secondary student volunteers who lead and design these transformative programs. Through their involvement, these volunteers not only contribute to the community but also develop invaluable leadership and service skills.

To learn more about CanU Canada and contribute to their cause, visit their website. Additionally, you can support the Electronic Recycling Association’s mission by donating your unused electronics. Your contributions not only benefit those in need but also promote sustainability by recycling electronic waste responsibly.

If you have unused electronics to donate, ERA offers convenient options: drop off at their depots across Canada or schedule a pickup at your convenience by calling 1-877-9EWASTE. Your support can make a significant difference in empowering youth and fostering a sustainable future.