Vancouver, BC, Computer Recycling And Donations Gets The Great Alberta ERA Model To Move Into The Province

By asam asam June 22, 2005

Vancouver, BC – Wayne Cao MLA for Calgary Fort Constituency said: “In the fast e-world, obsolescence rushes in at high speed, overwhelming and endangering our lives with the technological waste. The heavy consumption in our society need be balanced with conservation and recycling effort. Our society needs the e-recycling effort, such as Electronic Recycling Association, so it doesn’t loose its balance and fall into an disintegrated state. I commend the work of Electronic Recycling Association”.

E.R.A Director Bojan Paduh, a young entrepreneur from Calgary said: “E-waste is the fastest-growing type of waste thrown out by corporations as the IT industry updates products faster and faster. A new PC is now obsolete in two years and millions of them end up on landfill waste sites each year. It is just right that this waste is put under control”

Harvey Cenaiko MLA for Calgary Buffalo said:
“The Electronic Recycling Association has created an innovative approach to handling e-waste. I hope other recycling facilities in Alberta will look closely at this new service and look at ways to follow in their footsteps. The Alberta government would like to reduce the annual per capita waste going to landfills from 750 kilograms per person to 500 kilograms by 2010. I’m confident that this new service will contribute to this goal.”

E.R.A’s priority is to reuse as many PCs and electronics as possible. Mr Paduh explained: “Reuse means the hazardous materials are not being let loose to do their worst and less new raw materials need to be extracted from the earth to make the next generation of computers and other electronic goods.

Because we concentrate on Re-using your old equipment we can substantially reduce our clients recycling bills and also benefit their corporate social responsibility profile through our socially responsible schemes. “

Under one of the charitable schemes operated by E.R.A., surplus IT equipment is purchased – providing it is up to date – and the money donated to charity, thus helping businesses discharge corporate social responsibility.

Mr Paduh added “By encouraging competition in the recycling industry in we are creating new Economic and Social opportunities for Calgary and Alberta.”

E.R.A. mission is to become one of the leading authorities on environmental and socially responsible re-use and recycling of electrical and electronic equipment.

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