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Britannia Lodge Receives a Donation

Three Laptops for Learning, Exploring and Staying Connected

Back in November, we donated 3 laptops to Britannia Lodge. They are a ‘special needs’ assisted living mental health care facility, offering …

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ERA Donates Laptops to KISSM

Receiving a Donation of Laptops is like Music to KISSM’s Ears

ERA is pleased to donate some laptops to the Kamloops Interior Summer School of Music (KISSM). These laptops will …

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ERA Contributes to Turning Vancouver into a High-Tech, Green Oasis

(Credit: Urmila Ramakrishnan, Sync Magazine, http://sync-magazine.com/2016/politk-city-of-vancouver/, 16/06/2016)


Photo by Josef Hanus / Shutterstock.com

Turning Vancouver into a High-Tech, Green Oasis

How entrepreneurs, nonprofits, and city government are collaborating to

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