Calgary Computer Recycling

By electronic recycling association July 27, 2022

If you’re interested in disposing of old electronics safely, you’re the ideal client for the Electronic Recycling Association. Our mission is to collect unwanted or malfunctioning computers and electronic devices from people and businesses like you. We follow strict data destruction procedures to ensure that all data is completely removed from each device, and then we refurbish salvageable units. This allows us to donate the refurbished items to Canadian charities, so you’re giving back to your community when you commit to Calgary electronic recycling.

100% Secure Data Destruction

Addressing data security represents a core element of the ERA’s value proposition and service offering. We possess robust data wiping and physical destruction capabilities, and have employed these capabilities in partnership with Canadian Law Enforcement agencies as part of our efforts to raise awareness of the dangers associated with inadequate diligence around personal computing devices. Studies have shown that fear of data being recovered from old equipment is one of the biggest obstacles of reuse. When you utilize the ERA’s data destruction services, you can be assured that your data will be secure from retrieval.

Physical Data Destruction

The ERA has several AmeriShred mobile hard drive shredders which can be delivered directly to your location for hard drive destruction services. These machines are capable of shredding hard drives, data tapes, servers and other data storage hardware.  You may choose to have us pick up your equipment for shredding or have one of our shredders brought to your facility. View our video of the North Vancouver RCMP illustrating how our hard drive shredder ensures data security by thoroughly destroying physical data storage hardware.

Off-site Destruction

ERA picks up the drives and performs the destruction at our facilities. Representatives of the company from which the drives/tapes originate are welcome to observe the destruction at ERA’s facilities, or a (live or recorded) video of the destruction can be made available upon request. Upon completion, ERA issues a Certificate of Destruction which outlines the individual serial numbers of the units that were destroyed.

On-site Destruction

ERA will bring a mobile shredder to your facility and ERA staff will perform the destruction of the drives onsite. A Certificate of Destruction is also available in this scenario should it be requested.


Regardless of the service the ERA completes for your organization, certification will be provided. The following are certificates available following completion of the associated service, upon request.

  • Collection Certificate
  • Collection Inventory Spreadsheet (includes make, model and serial number)
  • Data Wipe Certificate
  • Certificate of Destruction
  • Donation in Kind Certificate

You can join in and make a difference that helps everyone. Contact us today to organize a pick-up time for your e-waste or feel free to drop them off at our Calgary location. 

Donation office: 803 48th Ave SE, Calgary, AB. T2G 2A7