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Canadian Fallen Heroes Remembrance Day Donation

We were honored to visit the Canadian Fallen Heroes Foundation today to deliver a donation of 5 computers. Our second donation to the Foundation, the donated computers are used by staff, students and volunteers to compile detailed and valuable memorials for Canadian men and women who have lost their lives at war.

Remembrance Day donation

The weeks leading up to Remembrance Day are some of the Foundation’s busiest, but they work year-round in support of their mission.

Speaking with Bob Cowie, the Foundation’s Research & Fund Development Manager for Western Canada, we learned about what the group is doing and why. Working tireless, they research archives and other resources to identify lost soldiers and details about their lives, which are them uploaded onto their website and transposed onto memorial plaques, often displayed at local Legion locations. This process allows them to properly recognize soldiers, while giving younger generations more insight to the past and how it affected our society. Remembrance day is an important time to take pause and honor our fallen soldiers, but they work to keep the memory live year-round.

“The Canadian Fallen Heroes Foundation has partnered with private and public organizations to put a face to the fallen, to share a glimpse into the lives of our soldiers and preserve their memory through memorial. Oak framed prints have been created for and are on display in over 500 communities and thousands more are recognized here where they can be found by visiting In Memoriam and can be searched by name or by the town they once called home.”

As we head into Remembrance Day long weekend, Bob stressed the importance of recognizing that much of what we have – the freedoms and general safety we feel – depended on the efforts of these soldiers.

We hope you will take a moment tomorrow to remember the men and women we have lost.

There are several ways to get involved with the group, please visit their website for more information and consider contributing to their extremely deserving cause. While they have already successfully memorialized around 10,000 fallen soldiers, they have a long way to go to ensure nobody gets forgotten. As a registered charitable organization, their work is funded through donations.

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