ERA Donates iPhones to the NWPD’s Victim Assistance Program

By electronic recycling association May 15, 2024

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) recently donated 20 iPhones to the New Westminster Police Department’s Victim Assistance Program.

The catalyst for this donation was a Fraud Prevention Event held on April 16th, 2024. Beyond its primary aim of raising awareness about securely recycling electronic devices to thwart fraud and identity theft, the event yielded tangible results by diverting a substantial 5527.4 pounds of electronic waste from landfills. Central to the event’s success was the provision of ERA’s AmeriShred mobile destruction units, which allowed the public to avail themselves of free shredding and data wiping services for hard drives. This hands-on approach emphasized the critical nature of secure disposal practices in today’s digital age.

However, the event’s impact didn’t end there. Collected items underwent refurbishment, courtesy of ERA, before being channeled back into the community. This twofold initiative not only contributes to environmental preservation by extending the lifespan of electronic devices but also addresses social needs by supporting local charities, including the New Westminster Police Department’s Victim Assistance Program.

By forging alliances between law enforcement agencies and organizations committed to sustainability and social responsibility, communities can build resilience while fostering a culture of care and support. The New Westminster Police Department’s collaboration with the Electronic Recycling Association serves as a shining example of how innovative partnerships can yield far-reaching benefits for both people and the planet.

Ready to take action? Consider organizing an e-waste collection event in your organization or community with ERA. Whether you’re a school, business, or non-profit organization, ERA can assist you in responsibly disposing of your old electronics while promoting environmental sustainability.

To organize an e-waste collection event or learn more about ERA’s initiatives, visit or call 1-877-9WASTE. Together, we can make a tangible difference in preserving the planet for future generations.