ERA is Coming to Halifax!

By electronic recycling association May 29, 2023

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is thrilled to announce that it is coming to the vibrant city of Halifax. Following the footsteps of our successful branches in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Winnipeg, and Saskatoon, ERA is eagerly gearing up to extend our services to Halifax. This expansion is a testament to our commitment to serving communities across the nation.

In the heart of Halifax, a Computer and Electronics Depot is taking shape, poised to become the go-to destination for businesses and individuals seeking to donate or recycle their outdated computer and electronic equipment. This facility will act as a central hub for a city-wide program dedicated to diverting thousands of unwanted devices away from landfills and incineration.

Thanks to ERA’s donation program, unwanted computers now have the potential for a new lease on life. Countless local charities, non-profit groups, and low-income communities stand to benefit tremendously from this initiative, as refurbished computer equipment is reintroduced into the community.

Bojan Paduh, Founder and President of the Electronic Recycling (Reusing) Association, recognizes the urgency of tackling e-waste head-on. He passionately states, “E-waste represents the fastest-growing type of waste discarded by corporations due to the lightning-fast pace of product updates in the IT industry. Year after year, millions of perfectly viable PCs end up in landfill sites, a wasteful and environmentally detrimental practice. It is our duty to seize control of this dire situation.”

ERA’s unwavering commitment lies in maximizing the reuse of computers and electronics. Paduh emphasizes the significance of reusing old equipment, stating, “By giving a second life to discarded devices, we ensure that hazardous materials do not wreak havoc, while simultaneously curbing the need for fresh raw materials extracted from the Earth for the production of future computers and electronic goods. Our socially responsible schemes not only substantially reduce recycling costs for our clients but also elevate their corporate social responsibility profile.”

Stay tuned as we prepare to unveil the location of our new depot in Halifax. Be sure to follow our social media channels to stay up-to-date with the latest announcements. Meanwhile, businesses and individuals in Halifax and its surroundings can already take the initiative by contacting ERA to donate or recycle surplus, excess, or obsolete computer equipment. You can find more information by reach us toll-free at 1-877-9-EWASTE or locally at 902-593-0683.

The countdown has begun! Be a part of the upcoming historic moment when ERA arrives in Halifax, leaving an indelible mark on the environment and local communities through responsible computer and electronics recycling. Soon, we will be right there with you, ready to make a lasting difference.