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E-Waste & Poverty Reduction Campaign by ERA

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the reduction of electronic waste through reuse and recycling.  One environmentally-friendly reuse strategy we implement is making computer donations to charities and non-profits.

1 in 10 Children is reported to be living in poverty in Alberta

(Public Interest Alberta, measured from Statistics’ Canada low income, 2013

In an effort to combat these staggering statistics, we recently launched our ‘Delete Poverty, One Laptop at a Time’ campaign, which is in line with Alberta’s goal of eradicating poverty by 2017.

We are seeking your support and endorsement of this effort, which aims to put a repurposed laptop or computer in the hands of low income families and individuals.  Having access to communication and information technology in this digital age will give them vast opportunity, may it be self-learning, formal education, employment search, communications, or obtaining resources that will provide long term, life-changing support.

In most cases today, a person’s education depends on access to a computer or laptop.  The ERA takes pride in providing the opportunity for youth and adults to achieve success in their education that ultimately leads to a more successful, fulfilling and productive life.

You can support us in any of the following ways:

  • Taking a tour of our warehouse facility and understand our process of reuse and recycling
  • Providing a quote with your support that we m ay include on our website and communications
  • Sending letters to constituents, partners, and businesses requesting their involvement in eliminating both e-waste and poverty in the community, by simply asking them for used and unwanted electronics, including those that are no longer functional
  • Attending upcoming donation events to witness charities and individuals receive assistance
  • Allowing ERA to pick up and manage your redundant IT assets

We would be delighted if your office and other Canadian government offices can come together for this campaign, with ERA as the recycling and donation partner.

All items will go through quality control testing as well as secure data wiping procedures (or hard-drive destruction, if necessary) to ensure all data and personal information are permanently removed.  Non-reusable items will be properly recycled as per ARMS’s policies and standards.

To learn more about ERA,. please visit our website:  www.era.ca

Please contact the ERA Communication Department:


Gurjeet Bansal

[email protected]

403-262-4488 ext 105

Lindsay Zacharias

[email protected]

403-262-4488 ext 104


Calgary 403-262-4488/Edmonton 780-455-2088/Vancouver 604-215-4483/Toll free 1-877-9-Ewaste

Monday, March 10, 2014