Spread Kindness To Others On World Kindness Day

By electronic recycling association November 10, 2022

Since 1998 people all over the world have celebrated World Kindness Day on November 13th. It’s a great reminder of the power that small acts of kindness hold and it encourages good deeds in your community.

Be kind whenever possible – is the theme of World Kindness Day this year. There are many ways to celebrate, for example helping a stranger, teaching your kids kindness or giving back to the community.

The Electronic Recycling Associations (ERA) work with charities across the country to provide refurbished electronics for their programs. This gives them access to reliable technology while allowing them to apply their resources to what they’re good at: developing programs to help Canadians struggling with poverty, health concerns or are otherwise experiencing misfortune. Because the Electronic Recycling Association is an advocate of equality, we are not specifically affiliated with a given charity. The ERA helps hundreds of charitable organizations and individuals each year through the donation of necessary computer equipment. Organizations qualified for donations through ERA’s donation program include: registered charities, non-profit organizations, care facilities (seniors homes, hospitals, daycares, etc.) and educational institutions.

Viewing regular access to a personal computer as a non-essential luxury is a thing of the past. Even basic activities now require the use of a computer; applying for a job, completing school work, staying in touch with family or even something as simple as looking up a bus route is difficult without a computer. The Electronic Recycling Association has developed a charitable computer donation program to address exactly that problem.

This year for World Kindness Day we are excited to donate a laptop to the Greenwood Neighbourhood Place Society & Sundre Family & Community Support Services.  This donation will assist one of their clients through his rehabilitation process. This client has been doing so well that his mentors want him to host some meetings himself, so this laptop will be of great help in his journey.

ERA strives to meet reasonable requests for IT and related equipment, such as computers, laptops, projection equipment, printers, phones and related peripherals. Our goal is to fulfill every single reasonable request for a computer donation that we receive, and we are thrilled to announce that we are getting close to achieving this goal. Since 2004, we have donated thousands of computers to Canadians in need and this number grows daily. 

Do your best to spread kindness, whether it be by a donation or a few friendly words to a friend or stranger.

If you have any unwanted electronics you would like to donate feel free to contact us.