ERA & WES Join Forces to Donate Tech to Heritage Skills Development Centre

By electronic recycling association November 7, 2023

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) recently teamed up with World Education Services (WES) to make a donation of 10 desktop computers to the Heritage Skills Development Centre in Scarborough, Ontario. It’s a story that highlights the power of community involvement and the positive impact it can have.

Organizations like WES, who actively engage with their local communities, play an instrumental role in allowing ERA to expand its support to a multitude of organizations every year. This donation is set to help marginalized, low-income clients at HSDC, granting them access to the center’s valuable FREE computer training programs. For many of these clients, the opportunity to enroll in these programs is a game-changer, as they often lack access to essential desktops or laptops.

World Education Services (WES) is more than just a non-profit; it’s a social enterprise with a mission to foster the educational, economic, and social inclusion of immigrants, refugees, and international students. With nearly five decades of experience, WES has set the gold standard for international academic credential evaluation, assisting countless individuals in their pursuit of academic and professional success. Their diverse initiatives, extensive experience, and collaborative efforts with various organizations make a significant impact on individuals seeking to adapt to new environments.

Heritage Skills Development Centre (HSDC) is a non-profit organization with a profound backstory. Founded by a group of concerned women, it sprang from a need they observed: a gap in integration services for immigrants and visible minorities in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Their mission revolves around enhancing the well-being of refugees, new immigrants, at-risk children and youth, women, and marginalized individuals through comprehensive and empowering programs and services.

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA), established in 2004, is on a mission to tackle the growing issue of electronic waste (e-waste) and bridge the digital divide. Over the past nineteen years, ERA has offered practical solutions to extend the life of operational equipment, thus preventing premature disposal. our core focus is on recovering, refurbishing, and reusing IT equipment, which they then donate to charitable groups. ERA’s dedication to responsible electronic asset management and data security is commendable, and their impact in repurposing tons of equipment has been substantial. And, when repurposing isn’t an option, they collaborate with certified recycling organizations to responsibly manage end-of-life equipment.