ERA’s Laptop Donation to Church of the Redeemer Supports Refugee Family

By electronic recycling association November 6, 2023

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) recently donated four laptops to the Church of the Redeemer in Toronto, Ontario. This act of kindness was prompted by a heartfelt request from the church, which exemplifies the power of technology in bridging gaps and aiding those in need.

The Church of the Redeemer has taken on the role of co-sponsoring a family of Afghan refugees comprising seven adults and two small children. The journey of these brave refugees seeking safety and a fresh start in Canada is marked by challenges, one of which is the need for access to technology. Recognizing the importance of digital inclusion in today’s world, the church reached out to ERA for assistance.

The refugees, primarily adults, are gearing up to embark on a new chapter in their lives, beginning with the essential task of learning English as a Second Language (ESL). A significant part of their ESL classes is conducted online, which is where the need for reliable computing devices comes into play. The situation is further complicated as several family members have classes scheduled at overlapping times.

This predicament is what drove the Church of the Redeemer to seek out help, as they realized that they lacked the necessary devices to provide for their Afghan refugee families. With their commitment to support these newcomers on their journey towards a better future, access to laptops was a fundamental requirement.

The laptops donated by ERA will not only aid in ESL classes but will also serve as indispensable tools for the refugees as they prepare to enter the Canadian job market. As they adapt to their new surroundings, secure employment, and seek to build stable lives for themselves and their children, having access to these laptops will be instrumental in achieving these goals.

This collaboration between ERA and the Church of the Redeemer is a testament to the positive impact that the community can make when coming together to support those in need. It emphasizes the importance of technology as a means of empowerment and a tool for inclusivity, enabling refugees to overcome language barriers and secure their economic independence.

The Electronic Recycling Association’s mission extends beyond recycling electronics. They envision a world where technology is harnessed to bridge the digital divide and empower underprivileged communities. By donating refurbished computers and laptops, ERA not only contributes to environmental sustainability but also supports the growth and development of individuals who may face educational challenges due to a lack of access to technology.

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