Bridging the Digital Divide for Newcomers: Shell Canada and ERA Donate Laptops to Action For Healthy Communities

By electronic recycling association May 19, 2023

Shell Canada, a longstanding client and supporter of the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) Donation Program, continues to demonstrate their commitment to our cause. We are grateful for the invaluable partnership we share with Shell Canada, whose active involvement in the community empowers ERA to make a substantial and lasting impact year after year. We are thrilled to announce our recent collaboration with Shell Canada, as we have donated 10 laptops to the Action For Healthy Communities in Edmonton, Alberta.

This donation will play a vital role in assisting numerous low-income individuals and newcomers with their English learning and digital navigation needs. The laptops provided will serve as invaluable tools in empowering these individuals to overcome barriers and embrace the opportunities that come with their new lives.

Action For Healthy Communities, an organization dedicated to supporting over 100 Ukrainian families, Afghan families, as well as families and individuals from India, the Philippines, Africa, and other regions, had reached out to ERA seeking support. Their mission is to provide enhanced education and information systems to help newcomers adapt seamlessly to their new lives in unfamiliar cities.

It is crucial to acknowledge the unique challenges that Canadian newcomers face during their integration process. Access to laptops or computers is paramount to their success in learning English and navigating digital platforms. By recognizing this need and providing the necessary resources, Shell Canada has demonstrated an exceptional commitment to the educational advancement and empowerment of newcomers, enabling them to thrive in their new environments.

With a remarkable history spanning over 107 years in Canada, Shell Canada remains a pillar of the energy industry, employing over 4,000 individuals nationwide. As one of the few truly integrated oil and gas companies in Canada, Shell Canada is steadfast in its mission to provide energy to Canadians and people worldwide. To learn more about Shell Canada and its initiatives, please visit

You too can make a significant difference in the lives of newcomers like these! We invite you to join Shell Canada and ERA in our collective efforts to support and uplift individuals in need. Contact ERA today to contribute by responsibly disposing of any electronics you no longer require. Our dedicated team will work diligently to refurbish these items and donate them back to the community, furthering our shared goal of making a positive impact. Don’t hesitate—book your pickup with us today!