ERA Donates Devices to Toronto PWA Foundation

By electronic recycling association May 16, 2023

The Toronto People With AIDS (PWA) Foundation recently received a donation from the Electronic Recycling Association (ERA). ERA donated three laptops and a projector to the foundation, aiming to enhance the lives of individuals living with HIV/AIDS. By integrating technology into their administrative offices and distributing it to community members in need, the donation facilitates positive change and addresses the issue of e-waste.

The Toronto PWA Foundation is a prominent organization dedicated to supporting individuals living with HIV/AIDS. Through practical and therapeutic support services, as well as fostering social change, they empower people to improve their health, well-being, and pursue their dreams. The donated laptops and projector will expand the foundation’s capabilities, enabling them to further their mission and provide new opportunities for personal growth, connectivity, and empowerment within the community.

ERA firmly believes in reusing computer hardware to effectively manage e-waste. To support their cause, individuals and organizations can engage with ERA in various ways. This includes inviting ERA to community cleanups, hosting e-waste fundraisers, volunteering, or initiating e-waste collections event. By donating pre-loved electronics to ERA, individuals contribute to the donation of these items to those who need them most, fostering a sustainable future for all.

The donation from the Electronic Recycling Association to the Toronto PWA Foundation not only empowers individuals living with HIV/AIDS but also addresses the issue of e-waste. By integrating technology and promoting responsible e-waste management, this enhances lives and paves the way for a future where technology creates opportunities for everyone. Support ERA’s cause and make a difference through technology.

To donate your unwanted items, please contact ERA at 1-877-9EWaste (1-877-939-2783) or book a pick-up online. Your contribution is greatly appreciated.