ERA Supports La Transformerie Through Tech Donation

By electronic recycling association June 8, 2023

The Electronic Recycling Association (ERA) continues to demonstrate its commitment to supporting charitable causes through its donation program. Recently, ERA stepped in to assist La Transformerie, an organization based in Montreal that focuses on addressing the issue of unsold groceries and fruits. La Transformerie had experienced a setback when their projector broke, which they relied on for their meetings and presentations. Understanding the importance of this equipment for their operations, ERA provided a replacement projector to ensure that La Transformerie could continue their work seamlessly.

ERA’s involvement with La Transformerie is not a one-time occurrence; they have previously donated various electronics to support the organization’s activities. Recognizing the valuable role that La Transformerie plays in tackling food waste and raising awareness among merchants and the general public, ERA remains dedicated to their cause. In fact, ERA has also committed to fulfilling a printer request from La Transformerie, further assisting them in meeting their technological needs.

La Transformerie is an organization deeply passionate about food and strives to implement effective solutions to combat the problem of unsold groceries and fruits. Their work extends beyond addressing food waste; they also aim to educate merchants and the public about this issue, fostering a more sustainable and conscientious approach to food consumption.

ERA’s donation program plays a vital role in enabling organizations like La Transformerie to carry out their missions effectively. By providing essential electronic equipment, ERA supports charities in overcoming technological challenges, ensuring uninterrupted operations and the ability to communicate their message to a wider audience. Through its commitment to responsible technology use and electronic recycling, ERA not only contributes to reducing electronic waste but also fosters a culture of giving and social responsibility.

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