ERA Supports Psy’Chien in Montreal with Technology Donation

By electronic recycling association June 1, 2023

We are delighted to share the exciting news of the Electronic Recycling Association’s (ERA) donation to Psy’Chien in Montreal, Quebec. As part of our commitment to supporting charitable initiatives, ERA has provided Psy’Chien with 2 laptops, a desktop computer, and a projector, empowering them to enhance their operations and services.

Psy’Chien reached out to ERA with a specific request for devices that would enhance their service dog evaluations and educational activities. They recognized the need for a portable computer to streamline their application process and effectively respond to applicants.

At Psy’Chien, they are deeply committed to training their team in communication and providing care for individuals with disabilities. Their core values emphasize the importance of treating dogs with respect and kindness, employing positive training methods supported by scientific knowledge of canine behavior. Non-discrimination is a fundamental principle they adhere to, valuing every individual and dog and ensuring fairness, dignity, and respect for all. In their dog selection process, they prioritize abandoned dogs from shelters or other organizations.

If you would like to learn more about Psy’Chien please visit their website.

ERA’s mission is to foster innovation and connectivity within communities. Being a non-profit organization ourselves, we witness the transformative impact of supporting the communities we serve. By providing electronic devices to charitable organizations like Psy’Chien, we empower them to continue their vital work of bringing people together in creative spaces.

Donating and reusing electronics not only benefits these organizations but also helps reduce e-waste in landfills. If you have unused printers, laptops, or projectors, there are numerous local organizations in your area that could greatly benefit from them. Donating a laptop to the ERA means enabling another organization to launch a new program, expand their administrative capacity with additional staff or volunteers, or teach digital skills to youth and seniors. With technology advancing rapidly, the demand for updated electronics to support community initiatives is growing. You can find a list of charities eagerly waiting for computer donations on our website.

Make a difference in your local community by donating your unwanted electronics. Schedule an ERA pickup today by calling 1-877-9-EWASTE. Together, we can create a more sustainable and connected future.