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SCPA Receives a Laptop

SCPA Donation: Helping a Well-deserved Organization Make a Difference

The Saskatchewan Cerebral Palsy Association (SCPA) supports individuals with cerebral palsy and their families through promoting awareness and education. Recently, they relocated offices and unfortunately, some of their office equipment went missing during the move. including computers. We were thrilled to be able to work with them to donate a laptop which will become an important asset to their office. They will use this laptop to continue spreading awareness and supporting those individuals who are in need of their support and help. The SCPA was created by a group of concerned and frustrated parents who came together with a common goal of supporting and advocating families affected by cerebral palsy.  From this united grassroots movement, the Saskatchewan Cerebral Palsy Association has grown from several dozens to hundreds across the province of Saskatchewan. SCPA If you have unwanted computer equipment, consider donating it to ERA. You’ll free up useful storage space, and it could make a real difference to someone. If your equipment can’t be reused, we’ll make sure it is recycled responsibly, and regardless of the next step for your equipment we always professionally remove all data, free of charge. Donate here!
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United Cultures of Canada Association Receives 10 Laptops

UCCA (United Cultures of Canada Association) is a small non-profit organization based in Edmonton. They offer adult education programs and settlement and other assistance for immigrants and refugees. These laptops will be used for their basic computer literacy program. They will also be used for their ESL programs, as there’s a lot of useful ESL resources now available online through interactive courses. In addition, they offer a citizenship education program through which they prepare students to take citizenship examination. A lot of key resources, including practice exams, are now available online. Access to the Internet reduces the costs of paper and printing. While speaking with UCCA’s Program Manager, Nayanika Kumar she stated, ‘On behalf of hundreds of newcomers who are going to benefit from this generous donation, we extend our sincere appreciation to your organization and the wonderful people who work there to minimize the environmental burden and optimize the use of every technology dollar”. United Cultures of Canada Association   If you are looking for more information on this association, please click this link http://www.ucca.ca/
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ERA Donates to The Alex

The Alex: Making Their Clients Happy Through Technology

We were delighted to work with Nancy Cantin de Guerrero, Client Support Specialist with The Alex to provide a donated laptop to one of their clients. The client is from Guatemala and she is 82 years old. Some of her family live abroad and she finds it hard to keep in contact with everyone. This donation will help her connect on a regular basis with her family and her friends. The Alex is changing how we look at health care in Calgary. Their health, housing, and food programs support our most vulnerable neighbours, tackling tough health and social issues head-on. Their focus is crisis prevention, and their team of professionals work hard to step in before long-term interventions are needed, giving preventative care in a welcoming, easy to access environment. Since 1973, their cost-effective programs have saved millions in taxpayer dollars by moving people from poverty to stability and from crisis to wellness. The Alex If you would like to learn more about this amazing organization, please visit http://www.thealex.ca.
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PACC Policy Receives a Donation

Pan African Centre for Climate Policy (PACC Policy) Doing their Bit for the Environment!

We had the pleasure of donating 4 laptops and 1 computer to the Pan African Centre for Climate Policy (PACC Policy) in Ontario this week. This organization strives to create a cleaner and safer environment in Africa. They believe in working with community-based organizations, government and non-governmental organizations, private practitioner’s, environmental rights groups and individual planners to prioritize and plan for adaptive measures and interventions within an international framework. They are a team of self-motivated climate solution enthusiasts from diverse professional backgrounds with strong affinity to preserve the African environment through systematic thinking. This donation will help their team in Ontario create a presence throughout Canada by working on their social media outlets and their website. It will help with day to day tasks and help them keep in contact with their connections throughout Africa.   PACC Policy   If you are a charitable organization in need of IT equipment, please feel free to call ERA on 1.877.9EWASTE or email [email protected] for further information.
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CCIS Receives a Donation

Calgary Catholic Immigrant Society: "Our Community, Our Future"

We were delighted to work with the Calgary Catholic Immigrant Society (CCIS) to donate a laptop to a family in need. This laptop will help members of this family secure a job, progress in school and keep up with current affairs. CCIS is a non-profit organization which provides settlement and integration services to all immigrants and refugees in Southern Alberta. They are a community leader with over 35 years of solid experience in the design and delivery of comprehensive resettlement and integration services to refugees and immigrants. They pride themselves in delivering these services through a dynamic multicultural, multilingual and multidisciplinary team of professionals, who collectively speak over 60 languages. This diversity enables them to provide their clients and the community with optimum assistance. They have over 1,500 volunteers who devote their time to helping newcomers. They offer a wide variety of specialized services that were designed to aid and enhance the integration process. Their mission is to empower immigrants and refugees to successfully resettle and integrate. They, vision a society where immigrants and refugees can reach their potential. This organization is close to ERA's heart and we are extremely happy to help such a fantastic nonprofit. Calgary Catholic Immigrant Society   If you're an organization looking to receive a donation of a laptop or computer please visit the link below: https://www.era.ca/computer-recycling-apply-for-a-donation/  If you are looking for more information on this amazing organization, please follow this link: https://www.ccisab.ca/.
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McMan Youth & Family Services Receive 6 Laptops

Donating to an Organization that's Making a Difference in Our Community

McMan Youth and Family Services is a charitable organization that recognizes the strengths and potential of children, youth, and families. Their programs and services address issues of safety, overall well-being, and permanency adversely affecting children, youth, and families in our community. In supporting them, they improve their quality of life and further enrich our community as a whole. McMan received 6 Laptops from ERA which will be used for their Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP). This Program provides support to Aboriginal women who report alcohol and/or drugs abuse; are pregnant or up to six months after birth; are not engaged with other community services or are at risk of having a child prenatally exposed to alcohol or drugs. The goals of the program can include prevention of future alcohol or drug-exposed children; effective family planning; drug & alcohol treatment; stable housing; children living within their own families; effective childcare and connecting to community services. The laptops will also be provided to individuals who are looking to go back to University or are currently studying and are at risk of becoming homeless. McMan act as the anchor preventing these individuals from becoming homeless. Mcman Youth and Family Services   If you would like to read more about this phenomenal charity, please visit http://www.mcmansouth.ca/index.html 
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ERA Donates to Three Charitable Organizations in Ontario

Christmas Came Early for Three Charitable Organizations within Ontario

Our team was out in full force today, in Ontario. We donated to three amazing charitable organizations who give back to the community in different ways. They comprised of The Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) in Toronto, The Pregnancy Care Centre in North York and Riverdale’s Immigrant Women's Centre in Toronto. Each one of these organizations plays a major role in improving the lives of others and ERA were delighted to provide them with a donation. The Mood Disorders Society of Canada  The Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC) has evolved to become one of Canada’s best-connected mental health NGOs with a demonstrated track record of forging and maintaining meaningful and sustained partnerships with the public, private and non-profit sectors throughout Canada. We were delighted to donate 10 laptops to the MDSC. We asked Cristina Lopes, Clerical Support Worker at MDSC to comment on how the laptops will be utilized and she responded, “Our participants are preparing for employment. Often something as simple as the lack of computers can be a barrier. We provide computer training and include open source applications such as LibreOffice.” We wish them all the best for the future. For more information on this organization, please visit https://mdsc.ca/about-us/ Mood Disorders Society of Canada The Pregnancy Care Centre The Pregnancy Care Centre was established in 1984 as a Christian non-profit, non-political, charitable organization to offer valuable community support. They are funded solely by donations from individuals, businesses, and churches. They provide free pregnancy tests and information, pregnancy options, personalized support for women preparing to parent or place their child for adoption and support for those who suffer after giving their child up for adoption. We were thrilled to donate 2 laptops and a computer to this incredible organization. These devices came just in time as their old devices were slowly failing and they needed an upgrade badly. However, due to having such a low budget they could not afford to pay for IT equipment. We hope this donation helps them excel in their mission to help women throughout Ontario. For more information on this organization, please visit http://iamnotalone.ca/ Pregnancy Care Centre Riverdale’s Immigrant Women's Centre Riverdale Immigrant Women’s Centre (RIWC) is committed to supporting Asian and South Asian women, children, youth and their families in taking greater control of their lives. Their main focus is to provide culturally appropriate and linguistically specific settlement and counseling support services with the use of community- determined strategies that are developed and delivered by women. RIWC provides a broad range of services essential to the integration of refugee communities. They also assist under-served groups such as youth, seniors, lesbians, refugees and other vulnerable women who are isolated and have limited access to services. This was the last of our donations in Ontario today, they received a laptop. This donation will be used primarily for studious purposes by a RIWC client. We wish them the very best of luck throughout their studies and hope they strive for the future. For more information on this organization, please visit http://www.riwc.ca/ Riverdale's Immigrant Women's Centre Thank-you to all of our amazing donors for supporting our cause, and allowing us to continue making valuable technology donations! Contact us today to book a pick-up for your unwanted computer equipment: [email protected], 1.877.939.2783 (1.877.9EWASTE)
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ERA Donates to St. Gerard’s School

St. Gerard's School: Creating a Foundation for the Children of Tomorrow

We were thrilled to donate 4 non-functional desktops to one of Calgary Catholic School District's schools known as St. Gerard’s School. St. Gerard’s School have partnered with Summit Kids before and after school program to create a club called The Technology Club. This club consists of a group of 15 children who share the same love for technology as ERA. Matthew St. Lewis, the club teacher is looking forward to dismantling and assembling these desktops with the students. They will be evaluating what exactly is inside of the computer and exploring the functions of each section. This program supplies each child with practical experience and a hands-on approach which will help them in the future. This amazing opportunity runs for 10 weeks and we wish this club all the best! St Gerard School   If you have unwanted computer equipment, consider donating it to ERA. You’ll free up useful storage space, and it could make a real difference to someone. If your equipment can’t be reused, we’ll make sure it is recycled responsibly, and regardless of the next step for your equipment we always professionally remove all data, free of charge.
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Edmonton Donation Day

Donating laptops to organizations who donate their time!

This week we ventured up to Edmonton to personally donate 11 laptops to two amazing causes. The first organization is known as Children's Autism Services of Edmonton. This organization is a non-profit organization providing services to children with autism and other developmental disorders. They provide a range of services and supports for families. They have dedicated, dynamic and qualified professionals providing family centred programming.  Through specialized services, the children and families in their organization experience high levels of success and continue to meet and exceed their goals.  Families are supported and empowered with strategies that will help them cope and prepare them for the future. If you wish to learn more about the organization, please follow the link: http://www.childrensautism.ca/ Children Autism Services of Edmonton   Our next stop was to the University of Alberta where we met with Michael Frishkopf, Professor of Ethnomusicology. He will be travelling to Uganda to volunteer his time teaching children about music. This laptop will help him provide a deeper insight into music and it's genres. We wish him all the best on his journey. Michael frishkopf If you wish to receive a donation, please apply through our online application. https://www.era.ca/computer-recycling-apply-for-a-donation/
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Southcentre Mall – Kicking off Waste Reduction Week!

Southcentre Mall - Leading by Example

National Waste Reduction Week (WRW) takes place from October 16th through to October 22nd. WRW is a week where we concentrate primarily on the importance of reducing waste, improving the efficiency of resources and introducing how important it is to become a circular economy. To kick off WRW we have decided to partner with Southcentre Mall for a collection event. Drop by Southcentre Mall on October 14th, 2017 between 10 am – 3 pm and start your spring cleaning by disposing of your unwanted electronics safely and securely! October is the month for waste reduction and the perfect time to think about reducing your electronic waste and the negative impact it has on our environment. Join us in our mission! Southcentre Mall Collection   If you are in need of a pickup click here or have any other inquiries please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected]. For more information on Southcentre Mall, please follow the link: https://www.southcentremall.com/
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