ERA Donates to Alfa Mel Productions

Changing opinions through technology with Alfa Mel Productions

ERA is happy to assist the Alfa Mel Productions with 5 laptops. The laptops will be utilized for the screening of a film called "Race Anonymous". The film was created to help people change their racial views, perspectives and to become more accepting of those who are different from them. During the event, Alfa Mel Productions would like people to take a brief online survey before and after the film to see if it is possible to change people's views via media such as films, books, and television. "We are simply hoping to see if we can effect more of a sense of connectedness in the community," said Melanee Murray-Hunt. This is a nonprofit event and admission is free.

Melanee was recently featured on CBC's website in relation to the film "Race Anonymous", check it out here! Alfa Mel Productions Event details: Location: Loco Lou's Grill and Bar in NW Calgary Time and date: Saturday, May 20th (2pm-6pm) If you’re a school, organization, non-profit or someone in need of a laptop, please apply through our online donation form today!
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ERA Donate to Dentistry For All

Creating Smiles Around the World

ERA is happy to donate 4 laptops to an organization that holds great importance in today's world. Dentistry For All works on changing lives through dental education, prevention, and corrective treatment. They donate their time and services, freely give their experience and knowledge to others who are not able to access care. They are committed to helping people in impoverished regions of the world maintain a better quality of life through better dental health. These laptops will be used to help their permanent clinic projects (2 in Guatemala, 1 in Nicaragua) so that the staff can teach children about dental healthcare and nutrition. Also, they will be using these laptops for patient tracking and will be able to keep in touch with their North American Volunteer team when it's necessary. Dentistry for all If you are interested in helping Dentistry For All, please donate today! If you have unwanted computer equipment, consider donating it to ERA. You’ll free up useful storage space, and it could make a real difference to someone. If your equipment can’t be reused, we’ll make sure it is recycled responsibly, and regardless of the next step for your equipment we always professionally remove all data, free of charge. Donate here!
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Saskatoon Hebrew School Receives 6 Laptops

ERA Helping the Students of Saskatoon Hebrew School Achieve their Goals!

ERA was thrilled to assist the Saskatoon Hebrew School with 6 donated laptops. The laptops will assist students of Saskatoon Hebrew School with future fundraising initiatives. The Saskatoon Hebrew School is where kids from the Jewish Community learn about their history and traditions. One of the key values in their curriculum is the Jewish concept of "Tikkun Olam" - "Repairing the World" which includes activities oriented to help the general community. Every year students organize a fundraising project which helps different charities throughout the city. For example, in the past few years, thanks to their work and the parents' collaboration, they raised funds for the Saskatoon SPCA and Syrian Refugees.   the-saskatoon-hebrew-school   If you're a school, organization, non-profit or someone in need of a laptop, please apply through our online donation form today! For more information about the school, visit their website here!
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ERA Providing Free Services for Cisco Operators

Creating Free Services to Benefit Cisco Network Operators and Students of Calgary

Looking for some hands-on experience with Cisco IOS 12.x at no cost? ERA has created a Cisco lab to assist network operators and Cisco students in training who may not have the facilities or funds to rent their own lab. ERA will be focusing this service in our Calgary office for now depending on how successful the outcome is, will further this service Canada-wide. This free Cisco lab is dedicated to providing educational help for students pursuing Cisco certifications like CCNA and CCNP. This service will mainly benefit students who do not have the experience as this service offers physical experience working with actual routers and switches. It provides exam preps and free lab scenarios for a better understanding of the following; routing, switching, security, VOIP, and wireless.   Our list of lab equipment: IOS 12.x: 3 x Catalyst 3550 L3 switches 3 x Cisco 2600 routers 2 x laptops with COM port, Windows 10 Ethernet Cables Crossover Cables Console Cables (DB9 - RJ45) COM IP phones   ERA’s main mandate is giving back to the community and we have found another way to do that. We are thrilled to offer this service to the public and are passionate about creating a community of giving.   This service is open during business hours: Monday to Friday (8.30am-5.30pm) Saturday (10.00am-4.00pm)   Free services       For further information or inquiries, please email [email protected] or call 403-262-4488.  

*Currently only in our Calgary office at this time*

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ERA Donates to Central Ontario

Swimming our way into Peoples Heart's

ERA is pleased to donate a laptop to the Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association in central Ontario. The Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association is grass roots, a not-for -profit organization that is focused on large-scale, community-based efforts to rehabilitate aquatic ecosystems on Manitoulin Island, in Ontario.  They bring the entire community together to do this via joint private and public driven initiatives.  Their efforts rehabilitate and enhance water quality and the fisheries resource on Manitoulin Island and Lake Huron which is fed by the streams. Their Mission is to create, through the rehabilitation and enhancement of important cold water streams, healthy and self-sustaining river ecosystems that contribute to the ecological, economic and social health of Manitoulin Island and the Great Lakes that surround it. In this picture (left to right) are Maria Diebolt (Project Associate), Sue Meert (Outreach Coordinator) and Grant Turner (Cambrian College student on a one-month placement). This laptop will be used to showcase presentations about the organization and their ongoing projects to the public. Some upcoming presentations include a Water Talk in M'Chigeeng First Nation and a Grade 4 talk at Assiginack Public School. manitoulin-streams-improvement-association For more information on the Manitoulin Streams Improvement Association, please go to their website:  To donate to ERA today click here!
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ERA: Your Platform for Media

ERA becomes the Source of PR for Partners and Organizations

Calgary, Canada – ERA, a Non-Profit Organization with deep community roots, it is their “reuse” focus and donation activities which set them apart from others in this sector. They are dedicated to partnering with local businesses and corporations in search of unwanted IT equipment to better the lives of those in need. While they donate, they also are a source of PR exposure for the partners, organizations, and corporations who help fill each donation request. Aware of the fact that many partners, organizations, and businesses find it extremely hard to get their platform message out there without solid PR exposure and press release drafts, ERA has the ability to write a blog, press release, article or post on social media every time a donation or partnership occurs. “We are delighted to be able to provide organizations, businesses, and partners with this fantastic opportunity to advertise their mission and vision.” Said Bojan Paduh, Founder, and CEO at the Electronic Recycling Association. “Many sadly don’t have the funds to advertise their business objectives online. We want to help grow our partner’s objectives through this opportunity that will benefit them and will act as an incentive to inspire more partnerships and donations.  Consistent press exposure is key to a successful business”. ERA sends out a number of articles, blogs, and press releases developed and edited which are sent out on a weekly basis. The team spends time manually uploading each document to the website, in addition, they upload them onto some of Canada’s well-known publications. “When a company donates IT equipment to us we want to thank them and ways we can do this is providing exposure through our online media outlets,” said Bojan Paduh. ERA partners with corporations, charitable organizations, and businesses that are passionate about helping individuals in need. Platform   If your business or organization have unwanted IT equipment, please contact [email protected], or 1.877.939.2783 (1.877.9EWASTE).
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ERA Donates to the Hollyburn Family Services Association

ERA donated two laptops to the Hollyburn Family Services Association

Hollyburn Family Services Association is a progressive collaboration of three distinct, legal entities; Hollyburn Family Services LTD, Hollyburn Support Services LTD, and Hollyburn Family Services Society. Each organization is a distinct registered corporation, governed by its own legal structure, unique programming, and separate financial operation. Together, the three entities form the umbrella agency commonly referred to as Hollyburn Family Services and benefit from the synergy created by common values, commitment to client-centered service, and high standards of operation, strong staff culture and shared operational cost efficiencies. Their mission provides quality therapeutic and support services designed to strengthen child, youth and family functioning. Hollyburn If you have unwanted computer equipment, consider donating it to ERA. You’ll free up useful storage space, and it could make a real difference to someone. If your equipment can’t be reused, we’ll make sure it is recycled responsibly, and regardless of the next step for your equipment we always professionally remove all data, free of charge. Donate today!
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5 Reasons to Donate

Reasons why you should donate your unwanted or used equipment in 2017

ERA is committed to supporting local charities and individuals in need through the provision of electronic equipment to charities and individuals alike. Throughout the year's ERA has helped multiple organizations with donations of unwanted or used electronics. We have put together some reasons why you should donate your unwanted and used equipment in 2017.   Environmental friendly The volume of e-waste being dumped on a day to day basis affects our environment dramatically. Over a period of time, the growth of waste will eventually become a major issue as we will not have the space to dispose of it. If the toxic chemicals from e-waste enter our water system it will have a crippling effect and cause water pollution. Reusing electronics can help reserve these issues and protect our environment from pollution.   Helps people in need Throughout the years we have seen a growing demand for donations of laptops and computers from charitable organizations. In 2017, this demand has rapidly increased to the point where refurbishment companies are finding it extremely difficult to fulfill donations as swiftly as before. One main reason for this is due to budget cutting within the organizations. Another reason is that not everybody reuses their equipment, they simply “throw it away” or lease it through a third party. If we implement the “reuse before recycle” method we could help a larger number of organizations and fill their donations a lot quicker. Destroying equipment that still offers usability is wasteful and unnecessary. Recycling has an extremely important place in the chain of custody but should be utilized only once an item is truly proven to be of no further reasonable use.   Boosts employment Nowadays, it is just about impossible to apply for a job without having access to the internet. The majority of places will ask for a digital resume and cover letter, some even need you to have a social media profile (LinkedIn). Many individuals in need, do not have remote access to a computer which means they are not able to apply for jobs in today’s world. By donating a laptop or computer to people in need, they have the opportunity to brainstorm, research and sign up for respective jobs that will suit their skills and characteristics which will bring them out of the poverty cycle.   Employment boosts our economy When more people join the workforce they are no longer unemployment which will boost the economy, nationally and locally. Every employee provides some sort of a service or product that benefits consumers in one way or another. When it’s time for the employee to take home his/her wages they become the consumer and contribute to other business’s profit.   Doing something good Donating to others for a good cause increases your ability for love. You realize that even though you don’t have much, you still have enough to put a smile on someone else’s face. Donating computers, laptops, or unwanted equipment to a worthy cause will create a feeling of enrichment. It also sets an example and shows others that giving to those less fortunate puts a smile on everyone’s face.   Donate today by clicking here.
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More Donations for Ontario Organizations

This week in Ontario has been pretty busy for ERA, we have donated to eight charitable organizations who give back to our community in different ways. Some of the organizations we donated to include; Sustainable Hamilton and Burlington, South Asian Autism Awareness Centre (SAAAC) and Transitions to Communities. First, we delivered a donation to Sustainable Hamilton and Burlington, a non-profit social enterprise in Ontario, Canada, dedicated to inspiring sustainability leadership in our business organizations for a healthier environment and thriving, prosperous communities. They believe that by enhancing the success of their most influential and impactful organizations, including businesses, institutions and non-profit organizations, they will help create sustainable prosperity for the cities of Hamilton and Burlington overall. sustainable-hamilton   Next, we visited the team at SAAAC in Scarborough. They were created as a direct response to the growing need for awareness, as well as support, for South Asian families impacted by ASD and related developmental disorders. Their mission is to inspire families in need of access to autism services, with a special focus on the cultural elements in the South Asian community that pose particular challenges.   saaac   Our last stop off for the day was to an organization called Transitions to Communities. They are a personal and professional skills development program for Canadian Armed Forces veterans and former RCMP members who are experiencing obstacles reintegrating into civilian life after serving. This program provides employment and skills development, as well as mental health knowledge, self-awareness, and coping strategies. The program has been developed by Mood Disorders Society of Canada (MDSC), in collaboration with Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC) and Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC). transitions-to-communities Thank-you to all of our amazing donors for supporting our cause, and allowing us to continue making valuable technology donations! Contact us today to book a pick-up for your unwanted computer equipment: [email protected], 1.877.939.2783 (1.877.9EWASTE)  
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7 Tips when Donating a Computer or Laptop to ERA

The Electronic Recycling Association answers your questions on how to donate!

  Canada (May 2, 2017) — The Electronic Recycling Association shares “7 Tips when Donating a Computer or Laptop to ERA”. You have options when it comes to disposing of your electronics. There are countless recyclers who offer electronic recycling services, but one of the first things you should consider is the difference between reuse and recycling options. At ERA, they believe reuse is the most responsible and beneficial first line of action, both from an environmental and social perspective. They believe destroying equipment that still offers usability is wasteful and unnecessary. Recycling has an extremely important place in the chain of custody but should be utilized only once an item is truly proven to be of no further reasonable use.   Our 7 tips:
  1. Is your computer or laptop reusable?
The lifespan of a computer is usually between 7 to 8 years. If your device is at the 5-year mark, it can most definitely be repurposed and donated to someone else who can reap the benefits. It influences a positive environmental impact due to the fact that it’s stretching the device out to its full capability. (Not everything ERA receives can be reasonably repurposed, we have partnered with certified recycling organizations to process equipment that has reached the end of its productive life).  
  1. Are you better off donating your computer or laptop to the Refurbisher, rather than directly to the organization?
Yes, you will benefit immensely by donating your computer to a Refurbisher, rather than directly to the organization. Sending your device directly to the organization may be tempting. However, most organizations having specific needs when it comes to the software and hardware of a computer or laptop. Your computer might not be a good fit for a certain charity and may result in your device not being used. (ERA ensure that your devices are carefully placed in the hands of an appreciative organization who specifically requested that make or model).  
  1. Should you donate the peripherals of your computer or laptop?
Of course, as the saying goes “every little helps”. When donating, include the mouse, printer, modem, keyboard, the software and any other peripherals you have lying around your house or garage.  Non-profits, schools, charities and other charitable organizations will never refuse additional equipment that they can utilize over a period of time. (ERA will clean your devices and install the correct software (windows 7 & 10) that the organization has requested).  
  1. Is keeping a list of what you donated important?
Yes, tax season occurs every year and you will more than likely be eligible for a deduction on your taxes if you’re generously donating to a non-profit organization that refurbishes. (ERA offers a Donation-In-Kind receipt to companies and individuals who donate their unwanted or used IT equipment)  
  1. How do I erase my data?
Your personal information can be extremely sensitive and you may want to erase it from your device thoroughly. There are many ways to destroy the data on your computer or laptop. (ERA uses two processes when it comes to destroying data, data wiping and physical data destruction. Data wiping involves a software based erasure known as BLANCCO. This process employs a multiple pass, random array approach to sanitizing data. The ERA has several AmeriShred mobile hard drive shredders which can be delivered directly to your location for hard drive destruction services. These machines are capable of shredding hard drives, data tapes, servers, and other data storage hardware).   
  1. Where can you donate?
ERA has multiple locations:
Calgary Edmonton Saskatoon Vancouver
1301 34 Ave SE 6776 99 St 511 45th St. W Call for address
Calgary, (Uniway Computers Southside) Saskatoon,
AB Edmonton, SK
Winnipeg Montreal Toronto
1681 Dublin Ave 85 Rue Blainville E 8 491 Brimley Rd
Winnipeg, (NDI Ste Therese) Toronto,
MB Sainte Therese, QC ON
  1. Contact the Refurbisher (ERA) if you have any questions.
In depth overview of ERA: Quick overview of ERA: Phone: 1.877.9EWASTE (392783) Email: [email protected]   ERA accepts donations of unwanted computer hardware and related equipment from companies and individuals for responsible and secure reuse or recycling. They refurbish what they can and provide local charities, non-profits, care facilities and educational intuitions with refurbished equipment donations. ERA also has an e-waste fundraising program, which allows participants to raise money for charitable causes by collecting e-waste.   About the Electronic Recycling Association Established in 2004, ERA is a non-profit organization directed to reduce the environmental impact of improperly discarded toxic electronic waste by offering accessible services to help corporations and individuals manage their retiring IT assets. Through industry leading pickup, data removal, and reporting/certification services, ERA provides a full-circle solution for e-waste management. With reuse being ERA’s top priority, every item that is received is examined for any remaining productive life and refurbished for reuse. True end of life items is transferred to accredited recyclers where a nil landfill contribution can be assured. ERA is committed to supporting local charities and individuals in need through the provision of electronic equipment to charities and individuals alike.   — 30 —   Media enquiries may be directed to:   Jessica Lifely Business Development Manager Electronic Recycling Association Phone: 403-262-4488 [email protected]    
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