ERA Donates to Free Mason’s

ERA was thrilled to assist the Edmonton Lodge No. 7 - Free Mason's with a refurbished computer.  This organization is devoted to the welfare and happiness of mankind, teaches that the good of others is of primary concerns and recognizes that society is made up of individuals, impresses upon its members the principles of personal righteousness and responsibility, enlightens them in those things which make for the good of human welfare; and inspires the feelings of charity and goodwill toward all mankind leading to practical application of those cherished principles. This computer will go to an individual who lives in an assisted living facility in downtown Edmonton. She is confined to her suite due to medical reasons and is unable to get out and about. This donated computer will help her stay in contact with friends via Skype and email. "As she is on a fixed income, she was ecstatic when I arrived with a computer as she has been unable to communicate with friends as her old computer gave up a few months ago. We were surprised to hook up all the connections and find it had been updated with windows 10, everything worked great right off the bat," said Brandon Hanlon, a representative with Edmonton Lodge No. 7.  "I and especially Wendy are extremely grateful for this new computer!" Free Masons   If you have unwanted computer equipment, consider donating it to ERA. You’ll free up useful storage space, and it could make a real difference to someone. If your equipment can’t be reused, we’ll make sure it is recycled responsibly, and regardless of the next step for your equipment we always professionally remove all data, free of charge.
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Atlantic Freedom Ministries Receive a Donation

Helping Atlantic Freedom Ministries Help the Hurting

We were delighted to donate some laptops to the Atlantic Freedom Ministries. This fantastic organization help individuals who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addictions. Their mission is to help soldiers and veterans who are hurting, deal with the trauma. These laptops will be used for administration, marketing and educating others on how to assist those in need.
"We travel a lot setting people free and these laptops will be good to keep in touch with people who need the help.  Constant communication with soldiers who are struggling through our Facebook page is vital," said Keith Ivany, a representative at the Atlantic Freedom Ministries.
 Atlantic Freedom Ministries
If you have unwanted computer equipment, consider donating it to ERA. You’ll free up useful storage space, and it could make a real difference to someone. If your equipment can’t be reused, we’ll make sure it is recycled responsibly, and regardless of the next step for your equipment we always professionally remove all data, free of charge.
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Royal City Musical Theatre Receives a Donation

Bringing life to the offices behind the scenes

"The show must go on" for the Royal City Musical Theatre and one way ERA could assist was by donating a monitor. This will help with the production of musical theatre,  daily data entries and surfing the web. "Thank you very much for the donation of a new computer monitor! It is so great to be able to see all of the items without minimizing them on my screen" said Chelsea Carlson, Producer at the Royal City Musical Theatre. They produce only large-scale musical theatre shows with community-based casts of as many as sixty on the stage. Very few organizations outside of Broadway or London’s West End are able to mount such large productions. They have produced twenty-seven Prize-winning Broadway musicals, which have been universally praised by local media and audiences. Their mission is to bring together theatrical professionals and emerging talent in an inspiring environment to produce exceptional musical theatre that engages the broader community.   Royal City Musical Theatre   If you love musical theatre and would like to see this organization in action, please click here. To apply for a donation from ERA, please use the link below.  
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Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

Canada: Celebrating 150 Years of Canadian Greatness 

2017 marks 150 years of Canadian history. ERA is pleased to celebrate this with fellow Canadian-owned businesses through our Canada 150 promotion.

Special offer:
Call in to book your pickup and destruction, before July 1st and receive $1.50 per hard drive destruction, this promotion expires July 2nd.
Let's create a cleaner and healthier environment for another 150 years!
Canada 150  

We wish you and your family a very special Canada Day from team ERA!

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Queensland Community Cleanup Fundraiser

Cleaning up the Queensland Community!

We have partnered with the Queensland Community Association to help gather up unwanted electronics, through our Moolah for Marcos program, so that they can raise money for the Haultain Memorial's Parent Teacher Association. On Sunday, June 25th, ERA will be onsite at 649 Queensland Drive Se T2J 4S8. We are excited to help this association achieve their fundraising goals. If you have unwanted electronics that are cluttering your office or house, please drop by between the hours of 9am and 2pm. Queensland       ERA will accept any of the following items, at no cost. Complimentary data removal will be applied to necessary equipment:
  • Tablets
  • Smart Phones
  • Cell Phones
  • Home Phones
  • Handheld Electronics (Mp3 Players, Gaming Consoles etc)
  • Stereo Equipment
  • Gaming Equipment
  • Monitors
  • Personal Computers (desktop and laptop)
  • Mice
  • Keyboards
  • Printers
  • Digital Cameras
  • Computer Parts
  • Misc. Cables
  • External Hard Drives
  • USB Keys & Other Storage Devices
  • Etc.
If you have an item to recycle that is not on this list or have any inquiries, please contact us: [email protected] or 1.877.9EWASTE (1.877.939.2783) Please be advised that the following items will not be accepted:
  • Personal Electronics (Shavers, Toothbrushes etc.)
  • Household Appliances (Microwaves, Blenders, Toasters etc)
  • Kitchen Appliances (Refrigerators, Stoves)
  • Large Televisions
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ERA Donates to the Child of the Earth

The ERA was delighted to assist Child of the Earth- Watoto wa Ardhi with a donation of 5 laptops. This organization's mission is to bring hope to the people of the Congo through education, social and economic empowerment. These laptops will solely be used to educate the children and further the progression of the Congo community.

Child of the Earth- Watoto wa Ardhi is dedicated to changing the conditions for the better for the people of the Congo who have been affected by the conflicts. They wish to help the children who lack adequate education as they live in poverty ridden communities as well as broken homes.

"We envision a better future for the women who have always been dependent on the male figure within the culture by rendering them independent through a sustainable project that promotes entrepreneurship initiatives." said Kelly Feruzi, Director at the Child of the Earth- Watoto wa Ardhi.

Child of the Earth

If you would like to learn more about this organization, Please visit their website here.

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Calgary Can’s Donation is Fulfilled

Calgary Can: Helping Create a Cleaner Environment

ERA was happy to provide a laptop to Calgary Can this week. It is currently being used by their fantastic volunteers to help with the day-to-day tasks within the organization. This organization is a group of Calgarians who are dedicated to reducing waste and improving recycling opportunities in Calgary by collaborating with the bottle picking community. Their vision is that bottle pickers are valued and compensated for their environmental and economic contributions, and their mission is to create a community-driven enterprise that involves and employs bottle pickers on their own terms.   Calgary Can   If you would like to learn more about this amazing organization and what they can bring to the community, please click here.
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Yorkton Victory Church Receives a Donation

Yorkton Victory Church: Starting the Summer off with a Smile

ERA had the pleasure of donating some computers to the Yorkton Victory Church. Established in 2009, their mission not only as a church but as a community is to reach, teach and mobilize individuals. This donation will help with their administrative needs, create more exposure within their community and assist with the maintenance of their website. For more information, please visit   Yorkton Victory Church   If you’re a school, organization, non-profit or someone in need of a laptop, please apply through our online donation form today! For further information on where to drop off your unwanted electronics or to book a pickup contact us [email protected] or click here.
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ERA Partner with Buy Social Canada

ERA, a proud Canadian non-profit organization with deep community roots, who refurbish unwanted or used electronics has recently become suppliers with a company known as Buy Social. Buy Social connects socially driven purchasers and social enterprise suppliers together, helping them build relationships which in turn generates social benefits to communities Canada-wide. “Diversity within the supply chain is essential for both a company’s workforce and the Satisfaction of its clients,” said Bojan Paduh, Founder of The Electronic Recycling Association. “By becoming a supplier, we’ll be gaining positive exposure, while helping corporations learn about the sustainability of social business ventures. We look forward to the journey ahead. ” Buy Social Canada works with social enterprises like ERA, to increase their business opportunities and grow their social impact. They Support the enhancement and growth of an organization through webinars, workshops, and consultation. Buy Social Canada is a platform to connect you to the community and promote your organization's impact locally and nation-wide. Their Mission:
  • Facilitate purchaser and supplier relationships and learning opportunities
  • Provide advice, templates, and resources to promote social purchasing policy and practice
  • Offer a certification program and support for social enterprise suppliers
  • Offer a certification program and support for businesses, government, and non-profits seeking to leverage a social value through their purchasing
ERA is looking forward to working with this organization, creating new business ventures and gaining more exposure.   Buy Social   If you are interested in learning more about Buy Social Canada, please visit:  
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ERA Educates Jennie Elliott School

Educating the Future of Tomorrow - Jennie Elliott School

ERA had the pleasure of presenting to the Jennie Elliott School's 5th-grade class in Calgary, about the importance of going green and technology. Jennie Elliott School is a dynamic learning community that is characterized by academic excellence, the building of responsible student behavior and strong partnerships with families. Students are both challenged and nurtured to develop their own learning strengths and they are constantly encouraged to take on leadership roles within the classroom and school at large. Jennie Elliott School Our presentation consists of the following: 
  • Introduction to ERA
  • About our Founder
  • Our Mission and Vision
  • Reuse Vs Recycle
  • What hazard materials are in each of your technology?
  • Our Programs and Community Initiatives
  • Service Overview
  • Partnerships
  • Pop Quiz  and Prizes
ERA combine the visual and practical aids within each of our presentations, which keep the children engaged and interested in the topic at hand. We believe that the children of today are the future of tomorrow, so why not educate them! If your school is interested in ERA presenting and educating your students, please email [email protected] for more information.
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